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  1. I played Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order on play-station four. I really playing a hunted Jedi who hid his powers after Order 66. Really love the addition of Sith Inquistors in the canon, so you can have more lightside versus dark-side fights. The platform mechanics are especially fun, as well as the combat. It's cool how deep you can go in light-saber customization. @SorzoHave you played it yet? I know you don't like Disney's take all that much. I don't really either. But a game is a game.
  2. I wish you the best of luck! I will keep an eye out on updates. Can I do some voice acting work for it? I would love to play any of the funny characters, if there are any. Are you going to add a randomizer in the game that makes random horses big or tiny? 🤣
  3. "Hey!" Says Mario. "Thisa looka likea my groceree lista!" That is when all around read the list with suspicious eyes: 1. Spaghetti. 2. Italian Spices. 3. Cannoli's. 4. Lightly used Catsuit. 5. Fresh Mushrooms. 6. Canned Mushrooms. 7. Jarred Mushrooms. 8. Meatballs. 9. Ravioli. 10. Keto-Self Help Book: How to Cure Your Carb-Addiction, by W. Fit-trainer. 11. Garlic Bread. 12. Fried Mushrooms. 13. Mustache Comb. 14. Fireflower Jam. 15. Preparation H. 15. New Toilet. @Mike Arcade
  4. I have never played Morrowind, but I know my brother really likes the Elder Scrolls lore. He tells me Vivec is pretty weird but interesting character. Jello-hog! I was real little, but I remember these old stretch toys. It's cool to see Sonic with these stretching powers but it will really would fit the werehog better. I really liked the sticky ones and would get them stuck on my brother's head (or once on the inside of the toilet; we threw that one away).
  5. pest plate bridge skirt industry book edge birthday range powder basket head hand spy sky smile sea egg skate blade copper plastic --- 1. Egg Powder Zone - The whole level is inside the giant pantry of Eggman's secret survivalist bunker, it is filled with powdered dry foods. Be careful if you accidentally rip open the bags! Each can have weird effects
  6. Is there any news about how the game will be played? I bet we can play this with @Senior Bobbertfor game night.
  7. "Don't be a pawn of the Jedi council! Be a pawn of the darkside!" 🤣
  8. Reminds me of my crazy cat Maisie. She wouldn't make a good fighter though, she is too lazy.
  9. @MoKat You write the next part, and I will follow you up. 😝
  10. I bet one would be really good with spinach and artichoke dip, bacon, and grilled chicken. Not a big fan of strawberries, but my brother does. But good luck trying to get him to eat sweets. He's a health nut. XD
  11. Speaking of birthdays! TheRedStranger and I, have our birthdays real close, so we celebrate them on the same time at New Years Day. We are having our birthday party at Casa Fiesta here in Madison. @NagolIf you want to come, we can save you a seat; it starts at two o'clock PM. My birthday cake is going to be Grogu, baby yoda. It'll be made out of cupcakes. Red always gets an icecream cake. But they also give you free fried ice cream (and shove whip cream on your face when they sing Feliz Cumpleanos). Too bad all the rest of you all cannot come, especially @Sargent Beeler. and @Wulfsbane . When
  12. That Star Wards Christmas melody was awesome! I really like how they mixed up all those songs.
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