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  1. Hoooh yeah, I've seen all these before. I genuinely do not understand what some people are thinking when kludging these together. So heat shields, threaded barrels and pistol grips are "SICK AND WRONG"...but these are fine?
  2. Sometimes, it can feel like Sonic Zones, especially modern ones, can feel randomly named. Like Sonic Team threw a bunch of nouns and colours into a hat and picked some out at complete random. But then me and @TheRedStrangerdecided that would make a fun writing exercise for the site. And so! Here be the Rules to [Colour] [Noun] Zone. Step 1: Get ten randomly generated colours and ten randomly generated nouns (or just use one random colour). Step 2: Put those nouns and colours together to make the most reasonable-sounding Zones you can. Step 3: Give each one a little backstory.
  3. Sonic Game: [Gets announced] Green Hill Zone:
  4. And frankly that makes me so angry it's unbelievable. He really thinks he just owns ALL echidnas. I wanna see more of them, tho. The Echidna clan was ONE tribe, the entire species can't be extinct. But no, because Knuckles "has" to be the last from royal mandate, and apparently Penders owns an entire species.
  5. https://twitter.com/EllipsisUltima/status/1346147459936833537 So apparently Ken Penders is now saying he owns Shade. And any evidence suggesting ohterwise will be held to "legal action". ...Right. Can Penders just...leave? Like, leave this plane of reality?
  6. [slight swear around 3 minutes and 50 seconds into the video]
  7. I did, actually. You can see it here. https://archiveofourown.org/works/26989348/chapters/65880115
  8. https://twitter.com/TailsChannel/status/1339896949332467712
  9. "Urgh, Christmas is such a monetised, CAPITALIST holiday, neo-anarchic-consumerist evil for companies to" SILENCE BRAND ITS CHRISTMAS ...Like that?
  10. Whoever that guy ticked off, he's very likely regretting it.
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