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  1. Never watched Fringe, so I have no clue where you're going with this 🙃 Yeah, that sounds like something he'd cook up.🤕
  2. Go for it; I'm sure you can come up with some funny things to say about it.
  3. Looks like the March update for this board's software includes a security update, but I don't wann do anything about it until I hear from Red or another Admin. Have any of y'all had a chance to review it to see what's being changed?
  4. Elden Ring DLC trailer ahoy! ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree | Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer
  5. This is all over the Internet... "Mandalorian" actress Gina Carano sues Disney over firing [CBS News]
  6. Um... Did A.I Write Disney's Wish??? [The Writer's Block]
  7. So, has anybody played (or watched a play-through of) Ruin yet? {Edit: I've been watching Markiplier's playthru, which starts here.] ... In the meantime, check out this video about weird FNAF decor: Cursed Five Nights At Freddy's Products
  8. Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer arrives early, but the game won't until 2025 [Engadget]
  9. I still don't trust NPR, but this article was interesting enough to share. A forgotten trove of rare video games could now be worth six figures
  10. SwatBots pumping iron? LOL! 🤣😹🤣 The different styles (epecially 2D -> 3D & back again) are a bit jarring, but I enjoyed the random stuff (wanted posters, shapeshifting Snivley, etc.) and other Easter eggs.
  11. Unified Lara Croft is Underwhelming in Call of Duty Reveal [Melonie Mac]{~17 min) I'm posting Melonie Mac's critique because it's the most amusing. Do you think she looks like "some girl in cosplay"?😄 This is what the usual suspects are saying about it: Tomb Raider fans think Call of Duty might be giving us the first look at the new, "unified" Lara Croft [GamesRadar] Why Fans Hope Lara Croft's New Look in Call of Duty Carries on to the Next Tomb Raider [IGN] Modern Warfare 2's Lara Croft crossover has me yearning for an original Tomb Raider remake [PC Gamer] Call of Duty's Lara Croft mixes classic and reboot Tomb Raider designs [EuroGamer]
  12. I don't think there have been any more patches since March, so... Glitches you can do in Elden Ring [Phobia]
  13. Bandai posted this on their You Tube channel last week: DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT – The 23rd World Tournament Launch Trailer
  14. 🤣Good one! Yeah, that sounds accurate 😜 I agree. How does that even work? From the Marvel Wiki: Okay, so technically she could have had a latent mutant gene that was activated by exposure to the Terrigen Mist, but I don't recall that being in her origin story. From her entry at the Marvel Wiki: Meh, smells like a ret-con to me That's a great comparison. 😁 Woot, woot...all aboard the Hype Train! This month's stop is Krakoa!😅 I told ya that the "Ms Marvel" moniker was cursed🫠😄 {Edit: Her entry at the Marvel Wiki is a pretty good (and long) read, BTW}
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