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  1. Rippa (who -almost- managed to keep it clean, so mild language warning) gives a pretty good critique of Odysee in this video: Since YouTube wants to play these games.... And I wasn't entirely correct in my previous post; LBRY is the platform layer of Odysee. Apologies for any confusion ^.^
  2. I found this article about alternatives to You Tube. Note that LBRY is now Odysee - other than that, good info. Now I need to look into Cocoscope Uncensored Video Hosting and Sharing Alternatives to YouTube [New Comptuer Inquiry]
  3. I'm sharing this religious video because I thought it was inspiring:
  4. Updated list of alternatives to Big Tech & their required info. MeWe - Alt. to FaceBook. Phone # -or- e-mail are required. Rumble - Alt. to You Tube. E-mail addy required. Gab - Alt. to Twitter or Messenger. "Community Messaging". E-mail addy required. Minds - Alt. to FB. Billed as "The leading alternative social network". E-mail addy required. SafeChat - Alt. to Twitter. Claims to be "a secure & safe social platform". Account name & password are the only fields; "account" can be a username, e-mail addy, or cellphone #. {Edit: not to be confused with Sa
  5. The Dershow recently interviewed Rumble founder, Chris Pavlovski. I thought it was interesting. Overstock.com is looking like a possible alternative to Wayfair; not so much as an alterantive to Amazon though
  6. I'm not sure how to feel about that...😕
  7. For some reason that was a blank page for me (??), even after telling No Script to give it temp. permissions.
  8. Winter-themed background ahoy!

  9. Just saw this; old video, but still interesting. The WHOLE TRUTH about Whole Foods
  10. Sounds like he already has 🙄 Some people claim that he lost touch with reality a long time ago 😵
  11. Honestly, I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner... Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco Home Vandalized With Graffiti, Severed Pig’s Head [KPIX] House speaker Nancy Pelosi's home vandalized
  12. (belated) Happy Birthday guys!
  13. As if I needed more reasons to avoid going to Walmart >.< Sen. Josh Hawley nailed them with his reply tho' 🤣 ^.^ {Edit: Who's the "sore loser" NOW, Walmart? 😄 #BoycottWalmart is trending like crazy!} China still needs to be punished for all of that 😡 And speaking of slave labor... Apple slaves REVOLT, destroy factory over $7/month pay They haven't cleaned up their act at all since this hit years ago: How the iPhone Helps Perpetuate Modern-Day Slavery [HuffPost]
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