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  1. RedStranger and I have started making some major updates to the site. A chatbox is now available across all themes. Check out the Site Update Testing theme for WIP changes, and feel free to give feedback in the Brainstorm subforum.

  2. TheRedStranger has dragged me from my lair and forced me to start pulling my weight around here as a staff member. Given that I know a bit about web development, I'm currently trying to improve and expand on the functionality and aesthetics of the site. If you want to see what I have up at any given moment, change the site's theme (via the dropdown menu at the very bottom) to Site Update Testing. If you have any suggestions as far as new or altered features, please post them here. I can't promise I'll be able to implement them, but I can at least look into things.
  3. Apparently the full version of this song was only recently uncovered. Enjoy.
  4. @TheRedStranger asked me to let everyone know that it will be awhile before he can resume his prior level of engagement with the community here. Between academic pursuits and some issues with criminally psychotic neighbors violently opposed to his efforts to improve his local community, he's been pretty swamped lately.

    For those so inclined, we on the staff here would appreciate keeping him in your prayers. For those that aren't, feel free to send him a PM wishing him good luck. He's the mastermind and core founder of this site, and none of us would be using it without him.

    1. WarTraveller


      Yeah, things kind of got really weird with that. He's kept in touch with me about it on Skype. A lot of stuff I must admit, I don't understand. Which is a shame, but it's life. Things like this just keep getting in one's way. Honestly, I wish him the best of luck trying to untangle this web of Classic knows that. He's certainly doing a hell of a lot more than I would've done. Or indeed did, during the summer.

  5. Sorzo's Anime Picks: Legend of the Galactic Heroes "In every time, in every place, the deeds of men remain the same..." Original Run: 1988-2001 Length: Two introductory films (My Conquest is the Sea of Stars and Overture to a New War), a four-season main series of 110 episodes, and a two-season prequel series of 52 episodes. Dubbed: No, subtitles only. Synopsis: For 150 years, the galaxy has been in a state of perpetual war between its two major powers, the democratic Free Planets Alliance and the autocratic Galactic Empire. As the conflic
  6. In the spirit of promoting discussion (and convincing a certain admin to try things), I'm going to try to start posting overviews of shows and films that I recommend. These aren't meant to be comprehensive reviews, much less proper analyses, just quick at-a-glance looks that I can whip up within an hour every week or so.
  7. Hear ye, hear ye! By royal decree of her Imperial Majesty, Queen Sally Acorn, it hath been decided to open a public forum for the purpose of discussing works of animation from the distant island nation of Japan. These works, being many in quantity and bizarre in nature, have historically proven to be overwhelmingly popular with the "Nerd" social caste, a group found in both human and Mobian societies characterized by strong aversion to sunlight, fondness of video games, and an extraordinarily low chance of being anything but single. Though seen as a wretched, pathetic lot by the rest of the wo
  8. That episode wasn't horrible or anything, but I thought it was just forgettable fanservice. I'm not that big a fan of TCW either (though I liked it more than Rebels, looking back), especially its take on the Separatists, so a gimmick revolving around incorporating battle droids into Rebels did nothing for me.
  9. Not really, no. Skimming off of Wikipedia, these are the episodes in Season 2 onward that stood out as being genuinely strong and that I wouldn't mind watching again: Season 2: Siege of Lothal Part 1 and 2 The Honorable Ones Twilight of the Apprentice Part 1 and 2 Season 3: Trials of the Darksaber (I'm shocked by how much I enjoyed this episode, considering I dislike pretty much every other episode related to Sabine and the Mandalorians) Through Imperial Eyes Twin Suns (last scene between Obi-Wan and Maul only; the bulk of the episode with Ezra is a
  10. That finale went from predictably bad to unbelievably awful. As with so many aspects of Disney Star Wars, I honestly find it difficult to FATHOM how some of these ideas were conceived, much less accepted by an individual and put on paper, to say nothing of them being subsequently greenlit by others. As someone who enjoyed Season 1 a great deal and absolutely loved the interlude special featuring Vader, it's saddened me to see the series quickly fall apart since then. Following Siege of Lothal, there are very, very few episodes I would consider good (though series' best The Honorable
  11. Happy birthday!

    To celebrate, confetti will be equally distributed across the site's population. Rest assured, no 1% of the members will own most of the confetti!

    1. Mike Arcade
    2. Polkadi


      Yay, confetti!

      Happy birthday, Mike!!

  12. Anyone else here watch RWBY? Volume 5's starting in about a week, and I'm thinking of starting a discussion thread.

  13. Hands down my favorite of your works so far. I know the others you've posted were the products of far more effort and are much more technically impressive, but they're no match for the cuteness.
  14. Sorzo's Ten-Step Guide to Saving the Sonic Comics 1. Infiltrate Comic Con posing as a Penders fan and locate his booth by looking for whichever one doesn't have anyone near it. 2. Compliment Penders on his artistic prowess and get him to start bragging. Bludgeon him over the head with an antique waffle iron while he's distracted. 3. Mail Penders to remote Siberia. 4. Use Penders' characters and other "owned" assets with complete impunity. Continue the Archie storyline from where it left off pre-reboot. 5. Use the widespread acclaim of this accomplishment to win
  15. Ah. I've never been into the whole OC thing myself, but, as my profile picture should indicate, I'm quite fond of FiM...or at least its better aspects. I dropped the show during Season 6, as it had become apparent that changes in the writing and production staff had gutted the series, stripping it of its soul and leaving behind a festering husk that was just painful to watch. Consequently, I've distanced myself from all but a few aspects of the fandom. Still, I'm the only person on staff (and possibly on the site) that likes ponies, so feel free to PM me if you ever feel like revisiting that p
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