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  1. I wouldnt have an issue with GHZ if it didn't feel like the same level over and over again. I mean, take a look at Green Greens in Kirby. They love that place and it feels different every time
  2. https://www.starwars.com/news/lucasfilm-games-interview EA has lost the exclusivity license to make Star Wars games. Unfortunately Ubisoft is the first one to have a shot at making a game
  3. Ironically a month ago and a few hours after that tweet he admitted he "didn't own Shade, but she's a ripoff." He thinks cause Sega abandoned her, she's up for grabs.
  4. I feel like you would appreciate some of the weirder history, especially in the beginning. Like how the Mariners were founded because of arson and the story of Mr. Jello
  5. If anyone has an interest in baseball (@SGT Rock Voxmaybe) and got some time to kill, Secret Base did a 3 and a half hour documentary on the Seattle Mariners, a MLB team that's consistently bad but has an even more consistently bizarre history. (language warning)
  6. I believe Mr. Moose the 4th still lives, but only just. Mr. Moose the 3rd recently perished. Sir Gaterton the 3rd is probably gone too.
  7. All I have is a ceramic tree this year. Mom didn't want to put the fake tree up case we dont have space. Her work desk took the spot where it would go. Not really Christmas-y here this year.
  8. Well it doesn't help that the film went through a quasi-development hell cycle with it being moved from Sony to Paramount. I think if Sony knew it was going to encounter problems it wouldn't have been announced at the time. So I dont think it's fully a fair comparison. Well this year is a bit of an anomaly because of the beervirus. I think they had a big roadmap planned out with announcements, developments, etc. but with the world basically shutting down in March I think a lot of their plans got delayed because of it. Had they known that everything was going to grind to a halt I dont thin
  9. It was deleted by the account. It looks like it was a premature announcement. Maybe the deal was reached within the last few days. With the launch in 2022, it would be unwise for the official announcement to come now. There's also a fake image on what it's about.
  10. I was always impressed with Calvin's snowman making ability
  11. Digging in Europe? You might stumble upon Roman Empire buildings.
  12. An old one: You can rent of the country of Liechtenstein https://www.theguardian.com/world/2011/apr/15/liechtenstein-hire-rental-scheme
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