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  1. I think you missed the question entirely, Stranger. The Original Freedom Fighters in Archie were mentors to the group pre-Archie and were basically the ones before Sonic, Sally, & co. They were the ones who evacuated Mobotropolis and help found and build Knothole. The Original aren't the ones we know in SatAM Could they fit in SatAM? I don't necessarily see why not as they did help evacuate Knothole, so they could have been either trusted people or perhaps those who saw the situation and rose to the occasion. The snake betraying them doesn't actually fit as much when you think
  2. I wouldnt be surprised if they had a ton of games in R&D at one point and never got passes a certain phase. For one reason or another. And considering the fanbase, I have a striking suspicion that they dont look at any ideas or suggestions people tweet out. Then even if they do take ideas it becomes a legal mess of who gets what, money, rights, credits, etc.
  3. Sabine Schmitz, former Top Gear presenter and "Queen of the Nürburgring" passed away in March Top Gear to air tribute this weekend.
  4. I'm gonna assume it won't be disjointed as the process probably goes through the committee with them agreeing to the base plot line, the writer writes the episode and the committee double checks to see if it all fits. Again, I don't know right now. There's been very little things to note. I'm gonna assume sometime later in the year we will get a bit info dump.
  5. In The Simpsons Movie, you can see the ambulance Homer crashes in the 2nd season is still there.
  6. Only thing i've seen is some guy name Justin Peniston is one of the writers. His resume is... nonexistent as he's only written 3 episodes total between 3 series. So one a piece. However, that's kinda common in cartoons now-a-days as usually there's a collective and one person does one episode and then someone else does another one and so on and so on. Ian Flynn has said he's not currently attached to it but the way he makes it sound is that he's being considered or he has been in talks.
  7. So interesting tidbit, Colleen O'Shaugnessey will voice Tails in any upcoming game. She will not be a part of Prime.
  8. It's up on Netflix now, at least the main page is. No images or text. Just says "Coming 2022"
  9. Apparently Ryan Drummond and Sega have been in contact to see if Drummon would reprise. Also Colleen O'Shaugnessey (Tails) & Cindy Robinson (Amy) are also out HOWEVER, Mike Pollock will return.
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