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  1. I can believe some parts. But a lot of this reads like an early draft. I mean Big over Rouge? Does anyone honestly belive that?
  2. Language warning, but I'm curious if anyone can point out the details of each character and how they are as a character
  3. No Man's Sky newest update. As someone who got it Day 1, it's still honestly amazing how much of a 180 the game pulled
  4. The language Tails uses when describing human and Mobian settlements is particularly odd in my opinion. It feels like it was written strangely or there's some odd human/Mobian tension in there. Also "two worlds" was always gonna get retconned at some point. It was just a matter of when. Still surprised they went with it in the first place
  5. Considering how eccentric Jobs was, this doesnt surprise me. Though there was quite a bit of creativity in his era Apple products, but was that because they were more or less pushing the boundaries of technology?
  6. Because Steve tried to please everyone? I was gonna say he didnt want to take risks but he did that quite often with Apple.
  7. The OVA and Mania Adventures too. I believe Sega already knows those 4 were popular, so they're trying to see if people have seen the others too.
  8. Sega has released a survey concerning Colors Ultimate
  9. From what I have seen the movie itself isn't necessarily bad, it's better than the second and third films yet those were extremely terrible, but a lot of felt forced.
  10. Some anniversaries for the year, There's more but the crop cut out the top half of the list
  11. The issue is, despite the two sequels being terrible films, it did close out the overall narrative of the story. Brining it back felt rather shoehorned and tried too hard in being meta
  12. Hey everyone. We got a small discord server up and running. Please DM me for details and access.
  13. Idris Elba said Knuckles wasn't going to sound sexy. That liar.
  14. Ian did the work. He has finally hit his dream to write a Sonic game. This should serve as motivation to a lot of Sonic fans now, whether it's getting into the games, comic, tvs shows, etc. He's already a major improvement over Pontac and Graff... because Ian actually knows the series.
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