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  1. So who has been playing Pokemon Snap this week? Double the song double the fun right? Or was it double the song double the suicide rate??? Whoops! Anyway I've been working on animations this week. Its weird how animating is both easy and hard at the same time. My body made me have a break this week by getting sick but I'm still chuggin along. Game is coming along and I got a new short animation project in the works. Our little pika pal here is going to be in it. This song is by Solkrieg- Lavender Town Dreameater Remix and the beat drops harder than Blue's dead radicate. 200
  2. I got frustrated today because one of me videos got eaten by sony vegas. Literally looks like garbage now, so I decide to make this to lift my spirits. I've been working on character design and flushing out the world space for my creations. I decided to make a funny little video of me putting a brain into my creation. At least the unedited rough draft of my creation. I've got a good selection of my characters made and will be working on making a character trailer soon. I'm going to be more open about what my game is about and what my goals are from now on. 2100432776_BrainInsert.mp4
  3. I've been making some models with Blender to really give myself an introduction course into 3D Art. My game is going to have a blend of both 3D and 2D elements so I've been taking on the task of learning both. So far Blender has been an absolute must when it comes to creating and sculpting the levels, characters, and miscellaneous clutter in your virtual world. I have created a tree, a rock, and a knife...and I thought I would show you guys that process. Except it dawned on me how extremely boring that would be so instead here is something that I hope you find more interesting. There ar
  4. That is some good ideas. I might take you up on the voice acting. I would love to do something that involved randomizer as the main feature of a game.
  5. On the above thread I talked briefly on how to make video game music for your game. I included a few test sounds that may or may not make it into my final product. I wanted to introduce people into a free royalty free music making software called Ecrett Music. Ecrett is a software that uses and AI to create a free music track for you that is royalty free. It actually advertises that it wants you to use there music for your own personal products, such as game, movies, or youtube projects. If you have basically no music knowledge and still have an interest this could be your saving grace. If any
  6. Its going to have a mix of Visual Novel elements and strategy role play. I'm keeping the story under wraps for right now but plan to release more info as content gets made.
  7. DIY- Story, Character Design, programming, and some of the art. As for outsource music and background art and possibly a few 3d models. Unity has an asset story where you can buy things to put in your game but I want to make this puppy as much of 'me' as I can. This is a challenge and I plan to put my best foot forward.
  8. Its going to off multiple playthroughs including one where you are stuck in jail. I really am interested to see how that one will play out. I'm also looking forward to see how each NPC drives the story.
  9. It has been a dream of mine since I got wacked on the head by a teacher for sleeping in class and nearly was put on add medicine; to make my own video game. You see, in elementary I use to daydream a lot...I mean a lot, and it was always about game design. Kids at the playground would constantly hassle me into asking what game idea would I think of next. Anyway, life happened and people told me I had to get a real life and stop daydreaming stupid ideas for game design as it was unreachable to normies; and such ideas would get me nowhere in life...Fast forward to the future and now game design
  10. Yes I'll be making the Demo video this week so hopefully it will be out by next week. It's on my list of LP's for sure.
  11. Saiko No Sutoka is a japanese inspired indie horror game where you are being chased around your school by your teen crush...oh yeah and she is of course a yandere. Have fun you two If you want to try this game out for yourself https://habupain.itch.io/saiko-no-satuka
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