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  1. That is a really interesting idea for an SCP. I had a similar idea once but it was a copy of mein kamf and it only turned people into Nazis. One idea I had was that it turned everyone into a Nazi except Jews. So maybe with your book idea instead it turns anyone into a full believer into whatever political affiliation they are under and one of the people infected becomes the leader (Stalin, Hitler, or Ghandi :D) Its a neat idea and i think if you worked on it they would probably except it into the SCP foundation.
  2. Ever wondered what life would be like if you had all the comforts of modern society surgically implanted into your body? Well now you can
  3. Resident Evil: During The Storm is a mod that takes place during the events of the infamous doomed town of Raccoon City. You play as alcoholic STARS reject Kevin Ryman as he goes though the streets of the doomed city in the hopes of rescuing survivors. Not sure if there will be any tie-ins to the original trilogy or even possibly Outbreak (The game Kevin stared in) but so far During the Storm is looking like a solid mod. The creator also made a Resident Evil mod called Mortal Nights if you wish to check it out. Its really difficult and should be attempted by veterans of the series.
  4. Here we go again with another entry into the amazing world of Zelda randomizer mods. 2020 is the year of the spoopy that keeps on giving.
  5. That is a great version. My Halloween was good. Spent running from a skin-walker
  6. Haha thank you. I'm working on a solution to the 'bathroom' problem of when you don't want to put down the controller but you still gotta go. Why not do the Waterworld thing and have your chair collect your bodily fluids and repurpose them into a flavor of game fuel? Rotflol Thank you for enjoying my content. I'd like to go through DR 2 and all its DLC if possible.
  7. I'm working on a bunch new videos. So far I have a few more Dead Rising videos out on my channel if you would like to watch them. I'm going to have three indie horror game videos out by two or three weeks.
  8. I plan to do more randomized Zelda later. I'm looking forward too Twilight Princess randomizer but its still really rough. The only one that is complete besides OOT and MM is Windwaker, and that one is my least favorite Zelda title.
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