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  1. What I got out of the video was that Sonic Team basically had to swoop in and be like "Yeah no don't use that design. Use ours." lol
  2. Guy cusses like a sailor but I found an interesting youtube video about the history of Sonic Boom. The man who owns the video claims he knew a guy who knew a guy who owned a rare Sonic Boom art book. Kinda fishy but its full of legit facts. Check them out for yourself and think about what could have been. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSeceCfCJ8I
  3. How do you make a scary game about a rapy monster who plays peek-a-boo with you in the most extreme way possible, more freighning? Put it in VR of course! There are two first for my channel in the video. First time recording a VR game. New PC finally able to keep up the pace with new hardware. And also this is the first time wearing a heart rate monitor during a spooky game. This is the first spooky dookie of 2021 lets have a blast!
  4. That's Sweet Tarts. He took the reviews of Cyber Punk really hard. I mean really hard... That's him having a exisential crisis. "Am I really just a character in a crappy game?" And Tron thought he had it rough.
  5. I'm using the overlapping texture to get a feel for where the human mouth/wolf mouth goes, so they were intentional. That way I can see how the skin and muscles move during the transformations. Its still a very experimental phase. The male at the end is a none textured example of the wolf man, where you can see his mouth and nose move into position. You also get to see some clothing rips. I do like the blue. Might design a werewolf with that color later.
  6. Sorry everyone its been a while since I uploaded to this site. Salty Sam is still making content on the youtube so if you ever get lonely come visit your old pal Salty. With that out of the way I have started a new series, one involving a game I played years ago on the Wii and truly did not like it. Skyward Sword was a let down and many people to this day claim it to be the worst main series Zelda game. Well the game was rereleased for the switch now sporting slice of life enhancements and dawning new controls rebuilt for the Switch. Does it make the game playable after all these years???? My answer, yes. I have switched camps and now no longer call Skyward Sword the worst Zelda game. Now it has become a breath of fresh air and a reminder of more linear Zelda games that many of us came to enjoy. I'm going to end my message here but after I get done playing through this one I plan to write a review going more in-depth of the improvements. Catch ya later.
  7. I'm posting these songs for easier access for me but if you want to take a listen go right ahead!!! Hope to have new content for you soon. 1387619795_Barmusic.wav Doyle.wav
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