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Since I opened up a general comic book topic, I gotta have one with crazy theories on comic books too! Again, minus a blue streak that speeds by. So from comics of the past and present what kind of crackpot theories that you guys have? Welp, while I await such you might have I have one that has bounced around my head for awhile. Also spoilers about so be careful everyone, here we go!

DC Rebirth: The Mystery of Mr. Oz.


As of this post we currently have no idea what his goals are or who he even is, yet throughout the internet all I keep hearing is that this guy is Ozymandias. I mean if it is him that would be fine and all...yet I can't help but think that's TOO easy of an answer, yet I have no idea why anyone hasn't had the thought that it isn't Adrian at all but someone else. After all Veidt has no powers himself and while the argument of "He's smart enough to give himself powers" is what people are thinking I think that's a misconception and overestimating his intellect. He's super smart but he's not Manhattan Smart guys, instead I have two suspects that would be a much better and perfect fit on who Mr. Oz really is.



Harvey Dent of Tangent Comics looks MUCH more like Mr. Oz then say Ozymandias, and has powers that if pushed further could allow him to do all the stuff Oz does, that and he does have a fascination with Superman more so then others as he's shown up on Action Comics and Superman stories more so then any other story. Plus he did try to do some bad mamojamma stuff with the main DC World before so it's not like he hasn't gotten to other Worlds after all. In a way he is kinda similar to Veidt, so what better a foe against Manhattan then someone similar to a man that can outsmart him?

Atom of Earth 9 is my 2nd choice due to basically being that world's Superman basically, but I'd say and am calling it here that it's gonna be Harvey Dent of Earth 9. After all the Tangent Comics imprint was inspired by Watchmen after all...

DC Rebirth: Watchman Rebirth

So now comes Dr. Manhattan, Jon Osterman himself and what he could be planning. I think that despite his claims of "creating life of his own" somewhere out there that even with all his power couldn't do so. After all, he's no god no matter how powerful he is, this right here branches off to two theories of mine on why he's doing this.

1. He found the DC World and took 10 years off it (therefore creating the New 52) as an experiment on life, humanity, and so forth due to himself seeing him do so and is just going through the motions. If you've read Watchmen you know how he sees things outside of himself and as we do at the same time.

2. Similar to my first theory, except everyone and everything he's taking away from the DC World he's actually bringing it over to His World and inter-grading it on the Watchmen World in order to prevent the inevitable fallout from Rorschach's Journal and/or an Armageddon of sorts. Think about it, by bringing in more positive heroes and such into his world could fix a rather broken world by giving humanity Super Heroes who are actually Super, rather then Mommy Dearest Silk Specter II and Nihilistic Comedian. How both His World and DC World's change from those results would in Osterman's mindset be "very fascinating" and fit his character.

So guys any thoughts on these theories? Do you have a suspect for Mr. Oz and what do you think Manhattan is planning? What about any other theories regarding Marvel, DC, and other works in Comics? Enjoy these Chaotic Comic Conspiracies! 

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