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  1. Karden's voice was enough to snap Caleb out of his frankly disturbing trance of staring at the monolithic structure. Just barely registering Karden's words, and the armed weapon behind him, he immediately ducked to the ground. Whatever froze him in place earlier needs to wait now. [16 + 1 = 3]
  2. [History Check. 12 + 5 = 17.] Caleb was immediately drawn to the stone, and slowly moveddown towards it, until he was within arm's reach, examining the runes written on it. "Interesting...but why would something like this be erected in the middle of nowhere?" He spoke to himself mainly as he attempted to interpret the runes.
  3. Caleb was quite desperate to find anything at this point, searching every corner of the spot that they investigate. He barely heard what was going on, snapping out of it when asked. "H-huh? Forgive me...having to search is really getting to my head. What do I make of what?" He ran over to him, peering down at the same stone. "...quite out of place, isn't it?"
  4. [11. + 2 is 13, correct?] "Understood." Caleb started on the opposite side of where Karden is, and scanned the horizons around the area for anything, hostile or otherwise.
  5. Caleb heard her speaking to Karden, turning his head to speak. "I resent that. We don't know what's even there, why would I not pay attention to something like this?" He looked a bit agitated, like someone poked a small bruise on his body.
  6. Caleb stepped up from the caravan, standing beside Mujha. "I will volunteer to go too. If it is a person in danger, I want to help, besides, it's something for me to actually do. Anyone else?" He looked towards his brothen. "Karden, would you be willing to come with us both? I know for a fact you have experience to handle such a thing... " "As long as you're not alone." He thought to himself. Caleb is slightly too protective towards any family of his.
  7. Immedately as the sound hit his ears, Caleb listened intently, trying to make out what it was. It is clearly someone else unlucky enough to be traveling this desert, and whatever predicament they were in was clearly not good, but who was it? He spoke up, "Fellows...do any of you hear something? I thought I heard someone in peril..."
  8. For once, Caleb lifted his head from his reading, the trip thus far having taken a toll on him. "Yes...I agree with them...for some reason, my stamina isn't as plentiful as I'm used to it being. Does anyone have an idea where we could even find an oasis, though?" His eyes scanned the area for anything not completely covered in sand. At the same time, he put away his book, not wanting to risk it damaged by his sweat.
  9. [Rolled a 4...] The whole time that this strange group has been traveling, Caleb just kept his face in a book, uninterested and frankly confused by any conversations that he overheard. Frankly, he didn't care about any treasures or discoviers that this journey was going to bring. He only came to keep an eye on his brother, Karden. At the very least, he also hoped to maybe find a lady friend that would suit his interests, but that hope had sank for now.
  10. He held on as tight as he could, finding the best projectile he had in memory through his book. Breathing deeply, sweat pouring down his forehead, Caleb struggled to stay on, especially after she lept onto the other side of the crowd. Waiting until a good moment, but making sure that he didn't waste Mujha's energy. "Almost...and..." His eyes dead set on the escapees, he quickly aimed his finger towards them, firing a beam made from magic energy.
  11. [Of course, I'm a natural sleepreader. :p] "A height advantage, eh? Alright, let's try your plan." He immediately responded, reaching for the spot where he keeps his spellbook, ready to find the page for an attack as soon as possible.
  12. Caleb snapped back up after the shaking got some sense into him, "H-huh? Stop him?" He looked all over, before his eyes stopped where the trio was fleeing. [Am I able to use Magic Missile for this situation?]
  13. He blinked a few times, his vision coming back slowly. Soon, he could easily distinguish Mujah's face after her help. "Y-yes, I can see now...thank you. My help? What do you need, what's going on?" The painful and surpsinsing experience left him temporarily scatterbrained, but a simple reminder should help him.
  14. He tried to get a hold of himself, struggling to move away from the smoke and rest his eyes, going as fast as he could until he could breath normal air again. Caleb's vision was still impaired, but he needed to think straight to recover.
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