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Sonic Channel's Sonic Comic 25th Celebration!

Mike Arcade

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Sometimes even I can let things slip my sight with this series, such as this Sonic Comic from Sega's Sonic Channel made for the 25th anniversary of the series. It started back in July of 2016 all the way up till December of that year, I was really surprised to discover this recently during some downtime.

It shows every major Sega Sonic character in a comic strip of their own from Sonic Adventure 1 up to now excluding Classic Sonic and The Deadly Six, yet oddly enough no comic strip based off the Wisps while the Chao get their own.

Most of them are gag comics really so there isn't much to say other then it's cartoony, yet we do get a few interesting moments.

Knuckles thinks of the Knuckles Clan and while feeling sorry for them feels like they got what they deserved, Amy for the first time since her debut does fortune telling with a Crystal Ball which ends up actually coming true (though it's not as great as it sounds), Eggman has some nostalgia for his previous creations while calling Orbot & Cubot a waste of time, We learn how Shadow apparently got his name from Maria (albeit the reason behind it is confusing), and there's a game of hide and seek Tikal and Chaos play which actually takes place sometime before The Echidnas try to take the Emeralds.

Even Eggman Nega and the Babylon Rogues get a comic despite not appearing in years, even Sticks (who ironically starts the strip saying how she hates television) and Orbot & Cubot (Although it's more about them reading up on old robots, particularly E-105 Zeta) get their own strip.

There might not be much to these strips but I thought it was worth noting and acknowledging them at least, just in case these strips get taken off I've archived them however. While these are in Japanese there are some basic synopsis of them out there, either way check them out guys, any thoughts? 

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