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Special offer: Working together on DeviantArt at American Sonic


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Howdy dear team from The Free Scribes of Mobius.

I am now back after a very long time with an idea that I would very much like to share with you.
I've noticed for a while that your official group on DeviantArt has unfortunately been deleted.
What do you guys think if we merged and formed a team?
A fusion so to say.
At least on DeviantArt?
Why there?
Because the group called American Sonic ( https://www.deviantart.com/americansonic ) is one of the most popular groups on DA, where like-minded people like us meet and add and
share pictures with each other almost daily.
American Sonic is one of the biggest groups where you can reach most people who are like us.
I want to use my status as a Co-founder there to help you out so that you can become more popular.
By that I mean, for instance, that I propose to some of your admins to become Co-founders at American-Sonic and join our team of American Sonic.
Ishapar is already there.
My invitation to you:
Some other users, such as TheRedStranger, UncleBen59 (I mean his nickname was somehow different here in the forum, but unfortunately I can't remember it, sorry), and Mike Arcade,
for example, among others.
You can then also interlock topics that are strongly connected to your community here and, for example, regularly link with specific links to certain forum topics in our journals.
We don't even have to be online regularly and post something new every day, but the more people we are, the better and the stronger the cohesion within the community becomes.

Why exactly do I come to you with such an offer after such a long time?
Well, I noticed that the American Sonic group is still very popular among fans who like the American side of Sonic a lot, but I see how small communities like yours struggle and unfortunately have few users so far.
I would like to help you here and give you a boost in advertising free of charge by sending the admins of this community on DeviantArt invitations to make them Co-founders.
Please contact me individually with your nickname and your DeviantArt address so that I know. You can do it here in the comments or privately via a personal message. 😉

You can find me over here on DeviantArt:

Here again the address of the American Sonic group which I'm talking about:

There are really a lot of Sonic fans on DeviantArt who have potential for your community.
I would not underestimate this fact.

I really hope to strengthen your community with this campaign.

In addition, I am no longer so regular and up to date, have other things that I have to take care of in real life as well, I can't do the whole thing on my own, although we are already
some Co-founders, but without wanting to speak badly now, unfortunately only very few of us are really active over there.
It's just demotivating to see that you do most of the work on your own.
So I wanted to share the group with you together, so to speak, because I didn't want to leave them alone as a brittle online ruin.
People who try their best very hard, like you, deserve such a large group, full of many users.

God bless you and I wish everybody the best of Love & Peace. 😇


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 We deeply appreciate your kind offer but have chosen to decline any formal unification or partnership. We have a very dedicated and active base both here and our chats. Deviant Art was never meant to be our main outreach for our site, and we wished to distance ourselves from it as soon as this forum was finished. It would prove ultimately a distraction, and we have avoided DA for several reasons, such as the site’s performance, organization, monetization strategies, and the sites overall shifting, uncertain policies and future. We also recused ourselves from Twitter due to its divisive and overtly political atmosphere. Overall, despite our love of “American Sonic,” we wish to remain neutral when it comes to matters of officials works. In the past several opposing factions have attempted to “cancel” several creators or protest official works for not subscribing to their idea of canon, we would rather distance ourselves from such problematic intrigue, and mainly focus on fan art, and empowering creative responses to “canonical” and “official” material.  

Ultimately, we here at FreeScribes are more concerned about individual artists communicating, building up much more deep relationships, and more intensive one on one focus, on artistic and Sonic-based topics. It is not the fandom we are concerned about, it is the individual fans and their own artistic pursuits. Any form of factionalism or collectivism does not resonate with that cause.

 With this said, we have no problems with members as individuals building relationships between our two groups, particularly in an informal manner. If members wish to cross platforms, we are more than content with their individual choices. Any and all are welcome to come join us, if they choose, and vice versa. As long as they abide by our general etiquette and values, we are content with such camaraderie.

With thanks,
Free Scribes Staff

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