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July 2016 Newletter!


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The Free Scribes Gazette




We are only in our second month, and - wow - we already have over 175 threads and 1,300 posts! This forum is more eventful than Sonic X!


Well to be fair...there’s a lot more things more eventful than Sonic X.




We have been trying to reach out to various groups and through our new Social media platforms. We will personally be writing to many fans and fan groups out there, reaching out to them. If you guys have a suggestion of a person or group you want us to reach out please let us know. We are also focusing on our RP threads and creative writing threads to help encourage creative collaboration and conceptualization. The same goes to our WWYDD (What would you do differently) and our Reconstruction threads. Feel free to throw your hat into the ring and bolster your inspiration!


Site Updates:


The Twitter page is up and we’ve been following some more reputable fans and Voice Actors for Sonic. We even got a follow back from an Archie penciler! Facebook page is coming up soon. Our dArt page has been up for a month now and it’s currently barren. We ask you guys to post your stories and artwork you have posted on here onto the Free Scribes dArt page. Give all our pages a share!


Newly Released Fanworks:




F07E’s Art Section Update - More concept sketches by our resident artist F07E, this time he branches out by drawing a Studio Ghibli scene, giving a bit of justice to an infamous panel from Archie Sonic and he even has a few requests.




THAW - An intriguing thriller by Rick Tyger set in a similar alternate version of late-season 2 SatAM Mobius and its distant past that crosses over with the classic sci-fi masterpiece “The Thing.” A long-forgotten creature awakens from a frozen slumber to find a world no longer dominated by man, but instead with furry Mobians; this nightmare will “Make Robotnik look like the neighborhood ice cream man….”


Pain and Fear - A one-off story of the Traveller’s (Master) journey in the multiverse. Falling into the Archie universe, Master confronts Clove about a past resolution that she made and it’s shortsightedness. Unexpectedly, Traveller was confronted about a past event by Clove that made him question his outlook on her decision.


Freedom Dies With Me (chapter 1-4) - Plagued with guilt, Master is gifted one fleeting chance to redeem himself from ruining his now broken and barren world. To rectify his transgressions, Master finds Lilac the Dragon and Carol the Wildcat to prevent the bleak future he induced. But once there, Master gradually realizes he’s inadvertently repeating history. With a sinister plot involving the artifact known as the Kingdom Stones in jeopardy, Master may redeem himself yet.




Spark of Life review - With a smile and a fair say, AlexKessel highlights the good points of Archie Sonic’s Spark of Life. From the dastardly Phage to Sally’s heroism, Alex looks in detail in this arc sharing his insights.


Community Events:


Creative Writing Thread:


New Mad-Lib Update - Now you can mock Sonic Riders with a new zany new Mad-lib update crafted from the original back of the box synopsis! Enjoy giving the Babylon Rogues grammatical wedge!


Premise Tag: Crossover Edition - A new fun and challenging writing-game for you Scribes to sharpen your imaginations! The game is simple: someone tags you with two or more different franchises and you have sell a well written conceptualization of how these worlds could possibly unite. With bravado and finesse you compete for the likes of your fellow members like you were pitching to a big name board of producers. In return you can tag someone back and keep the party going.


Popular Ongoing Threads:


Reworking Characters (Archie) - Ever wanted to flesh out Fiona’s origin story? Tweak a big reveal about a character? Or have you ever longed to turn heroes to villains and vice versa? This might be the place for you then.


Unpopular Opinions - Is Bigs The Cat one of your closet fan-favourites? Are you a sick weirdo who has a sacrificial shrine to Sonelise? Well this here is you can fly your freak flag.  


Mysteries SegaSonic - Have your ever pondered the origins of Sonic in the games? Could Sonic and Shadow be related? Where are Tails parents? Why is the moon magically came back together after SA2? Well this is the place to speculate around for the possible answers to such issues and the impact such answers have.


Official Projects:


EoT - Teaser possibly coming last Saturday of July! [Update: Moved to August due to Red getting sick :/.]


SM - Sonic Mobius and it's topics are finally open! Read the teaser and await for further news about this familiar yet unique Mobius.


P&D: Chapter Two Update - For each of us, there exist pivotal formative experiences, moments key to the shaping and development of our identities. As Sally, now alone in the heart of enemy territory, steels herself to press onward, she reflects on one such occurrence, a chance encounter years ago that offered new perspectives on art and culture…and awakened her to the terrifying weight of the crown.


Community activities:


Recruitment Drive: We are always welcoming anybody in the Sonic fandom or even if they’re not, but are interested in anthro art and pop culture. The Free Scribes of Mobius urges our members to bring their friends and family along with them. If you think you know someone who you think would fit in, send them a link and invite.


First Interview:  We have decided that our first interview will be with our resident artist @F07E. Congrats! Stay tune for an update to see the full interview.


First Creative Contest: Our first creative contest is dedicated to creative and inventive role-play. If you got a great idea for a roleplay feel free to share it!


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2 hours ago, WarTraveller said:

Nice. :)

About the DA page, though. I WOULD have put my stuff on there, but it's not showing me the option, there's no button to add stuff to the group or anytihng. I guess I just don't have the proper clearances or something.

Whoops. That might have been my bad. I can fix it tonight

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