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  1. too much of this game feels like a return to the 2000's era rather than refiniment of the 2010's. outside of some gameplay elements, other big issues seem to be related primarily with the writing, an issue that 3D sonic has always struggled with, and which never recovered after pontac and graff took the helm with colors.
  2. decided to try my hand at making the two characters from the last pic aged up, this was the end result:
  3. i'm thinking more blockbuster and rogers than vending machines.
  4. I'm just waiting for vhs and rental stores to rise from the dead.
  5. the biggest part of the negativity I've seen has been the price to content ratio: too expensive for what is actually there. also its freakin bubsy, who in their right minds thought he would be a money making machine? meme machine maybe but money? no.
  6. and it is on this day winter basically has begun. too. much. snow.

    1. Wulfsbane


      Winter is Coming?

    2. F07E


      Forget that, Winter is Here!!!

    3. TheRedStranger


      Winter does not really happen here until January most of the time.

  7. I might get it, maybe, probably, definitely.
  8. after almost three years halo fans finally get the answer to what went wrong with the mcc... only because they want to sell the xbox 0n3-X. link to the thread I was shown: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1451175 at this point I'm not even mad anymore. since halo 4, 343! has continued to isolate themselves in a hugbox and cut-out the longstanding playerbase in leiu of legacy building. when halo 6 rolls around i'm actually expecting it to be a multimillion dollar flop thanks to their own arrogance and microsofts hubris, which is sad as they actually did do a ton of things right amongst the bad.
  9. just realized that if they allow the custom PC to be coloured the right shade of teal/violet as a rabbit, then sega has literally just made proto-sonic/mach canon. I will never be able to not see that ever again.
  10. I got that impression from comments on youtube as unreliable as they can be (I also found them frustrating as it seemed most were 3D fans from the Sa2B/X Era chasing their white whale known as Sa3). Still gonna wait for its release to pass judgement, if it's good i'll get it, if not, than I won't, simple as that.
  11. I've kinda held off on posting as I havent rewatched these movies in years and remember next to nothing about them, (and in the case of felidae, what i do remember is rather unpleasant and interesting) however they might contribute to discussion if anyone else remembers them it was a fair amount of years ago now, but I remember my youtube diving brought me across three movies from around the 80's. bagi the mighty monster of nature, the elmchanted forest, and felidae. I hardly remember anything from the first two outside of both having a slightly downer ending to them and both having anthropomorphic characters, bagi was an anime (that supposedly was all "don't screw with nature recombinent dna sequencing!" though I don't remember) and the other was just an animated movie from yugoslavia about a painter who gets magic powers after sleeping under a tree, and has to defeat an evil thistle/cactus king. as for felidae, that one was outright a vulger and violent little animated film, with some aspects that I almost want to see in a warriors movie if you can get rid of the sexual and overly vulger elements (the nightmares felt like visions from the warriors series and could work in that context, the designs for most of the characters were great outside of maybe one or two cats, the gore if done right would help accentuate the impact of certain scenes that have occured in the books, and the animation style blends almost to well with how that series already has depicted its characters in the side mangas/comics/graphic novellas, etc.).
  12. not gonna lie, the heavy promotion in japan is making me very unsure about this game thanks to how its reminding me too much of 06, which always struck me as a game trying to cut into that market at the cost of it's longstanding fans (like halo 5 and fallout 4). either that, or they know it's not gonna do as well with western audiences since Mania blew everyone out of the water already. though it's a bit relieving that blaze will NOT be in it (if aaron webber isnt being told to do that deny=surprise nonsense), she really needs a game set in her own world and on her own (*cough*notpointlesslytiedtosilverfornologicalreasonotherthantomakehimlookbetterorappeaseshippers*cough*) with an actually well designed villain to contend against. maybe that's what her absence means, who knows?
  13. yeeesh, that is literal pain to just look at. oh tiger, why you were literally the best worst thing ever I will never know.
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