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Reasons for Absence.

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 Sorry guys for the recent absence. A leader on this forum should not be spotty with his presence and duties on the site. Sadly, I have been handling some big issues for the good of my neighborhood and county, and they have reaped a lot of results. Long story short, I have been trying to clean up my old childhood neighborhood, which turned into a slum during the economic depression in 2008 and got worse throughout the Obama Administration. With the economy booming again, I bought my old childhood home that once belonged to my grandparents and had started renovating it. I will actually be posting a thread about how I flipped the house through the past three years. I have nearly finalized a deal for two more lots in the area. Since my house was rebuilt around me, I have had no mortgage and own the home outright. The equity is great, and it looks like I can use it as loan-leverage to buy up and improve more property to rent out to people in need. My plan has been to get my elderly grandparents a better home next to me, and get them on a waiver program . Despite having to deal with a lot of criminal activity (even an attempted murder via vehicular sabotage - yeah I am not kidding) I have brought enough attention to this neighborhood and the bad-eggs are all but gone, in legal trouble, and soon to loose their property - and I plan to buy it for a song. I am already closing the deal one property and hope to move my elderly grandparents on it, who really need my help. I also am trying to help three special needs individuals that are good friends of mine get a home in their area, and get out of wretched government housing.

Beyond this, I have also been doing summer school. Got an A in advanced printmaking, and A in Drawing Media. Also tested out of Introduction to psychology, and hope to test out of Developmental Psychology; this has saved me quite a bit on student loan funds, especially for my dual major.

Despite all this, once everything is settled with this property and school, I plan to dump a lot of content I have been working on.

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