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Your favourite AoStH episode


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That's a good question, at least for me as there are a lot of favorites for me regarding this show despite how nuts it is. There's Lovesick Sonic, not including it's Infamous PSA, actually Breezie might be the first love interest for Sonic I ever saw. xD

Along with that episode the most noticeable ones for me are Birth of a Salesmen, Wes Weasley's first appearance. The Mystery of The Missing Hi-Tops which is oddly and sadly the closest to a noir episode this series has, and introduces the mostly forgotten Sonette, a Sonic Fan Girl similar to Amy Rose that makes Amy look sane, I'm not even kidding. Pseudo Sonic, Tails New Home, not to mention the Chaos Emerald Saga of AoSTH, I got a lot of favorites. Honestly looking back on this show now as insane as it is, and despite not being as good as SatAM it does have a decent number of odd ball gems in the show.

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