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If you are reading this congratulations! You are now heartily welcomed within the ranks of the Free Scribes of Mobius! Please carefully read the following and consider it your first step into a brighter and more creative world of Sonic Lore. We then ask you to step into the light boldly and introduce yourself in fellowship within this thread.

Mission Statement:

We, The Scribes of Mobius strive to provide aspiring fans of Sonic a safe haven where they can complement, constructively critique, share, collaborate, and better the world of Sonic the Hedgehog. This is a community of creators and visionaries not merely content to scribble and dabble about Sonic; we want to perfect our craft and cultivate a constructive, thriving, and creative subculture within our fandom. Here we allow each other equal opportunity to be read, enjoy the company and conversation of fellow creative fans, artists, and storytellers. Above all, we desire to bring an overall edification to the Sonic lore we love and the fans that love it. Fans united with common creative visions, we seek to improve our beloved fandom and to celebrate our love of Sonic-based cartoons, comics, games and more. Furthermore, we wish to advance, enrich, and spread our ideals of and for a more innovative and progressive fandom beyond the "canonical" material outside to the fandom at large. We shall redefine our fandom; we shall restore its strengths, and reconstruct it weakness. Our chief end above all is to craft a greater culture, to create a Sonic-Lore renaissance mainly centered in the Satam tradition.


  1. Laws of Admission


  1. Ignorance of the rules and bylaws of this site, The Scribes of Mobius, is no excuse for bad behavior and you will still be subject to reprimand for breaking a rule if you have read them or not. So, please read and acknowledge the rules stated; by filling out and applying for membership for an account on this site you are confirming that you have read and understand the laws and rules therein. All members of this site, including senior members are subject to all of the rules below, so even if you have not read and/or skimmed over and have not read them you too are subject to the letter of these rules and will suffer punitive action if one is broken.


  1. To join you must be at least the age of 13. Even if you are over this age requirement yet under the age of 18 we assume you have parental consent to communicate on this board. Though we strive to be rather family friendly, when joining this board you acknowledge that we are not liable for any exposure to controversial content seen by underage persons without parental consent.


  1. This board desires people that will keep to its mission statement. You must show intent and willingness to make a positive, progressive, and proactive impact for the Sonic Fandom. Nags, egotists, destructive critics, and constant pessimists have no place here. While being validated keep this in mind.


  1. Lying about your age on your registration form is absolutely not tolerated. When such deceptions are verified it will result in immediate ban and expulsion from the site without warning. This is not something to be joking about or taking lightly, we are very serious about this, so consider this your only warning. If this info was accidentally made incorrect please inform a mod or admin of it immediately to avoid such punitive action.


All questions, comments, and suggestions concerning the rules should be posted here.

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