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Fanmade Sonic Boom Episodes

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You know, I've noticed that for a show I hate, I can't seem to stop talking about it. But still, this was something I wanted to do as well; see if anyone has some good ideas for Sonic Boom episodes. I've got two right now (I'll add the next one later), and I might add more later. If you want to add your own ideas, feel free to. Just follow this simple little template;


Written By:


Main Characters:


Backup Characters:

New Characters (with Description):

Selected Quote:

Got it? Good. Here we go with my picks;

Title: The Curse of the Werebadger

Written By: Perry Martin

Synopsis: When Sticks is "bitten" by a malfunctioning Ancient machine, she is cursed to transform into a powerful monster each and every full moon...on the week of the Bygone Island Full Moon Festival. With only Amy able to keep Sticks from going feral (well, more feral), it's a race against time as Sonic must work with one of Tails' stranger friends to cure Sticks and stop Eggman from using this to his advantage.

Main Characters: Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, Sticks the Badger

Antagonist(s): Doctor Eggman, Werebadger Sticks, Lycantech 4000 (the malfunctioning Ancient machine, designed to allow the taming of the Ancients' enemies as pets and war mounts)

Backup Characters: Knuckles the Echidna, Miles "Tails" Prower

New Characters (with Description): The Surgeon (a "Time Lord" that lives on the outskirts of the village. Very eccentric, but very knowlegable. Friends with Tails and lives in a TARDIS unit)

Selected Quote:


Surgeon: "It's been a while since I've last seen this sort of infection. Last time it was Dark Gaia himself!"

Tails: "...Who?"

Surgeon: "Oh right, I forget he's not in this world. Or maybe he's been replaced by Smark Schima, I dunno."

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Oh hey here's that other one I said I'd make;

Title: Friends and Fortune

Written By: Perry Martin

Synopsis: Following a supremely unlucky encounter with Eggman, Sonic is saved from total destruction from a group of strangers calling themselves Team Genesis - three friends who are very close to each other and take a lot of what they do seriously. Stranded in this universe for a while, the two ideologies of strict teamwork and lazy luck begin to clash - with very unfortunate results.

Main Characters: Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna

Antagonist(s): N/A

Backup Characters: Doctor Eggman, Amy Rose, Sticks the Badger

New Characters (with Description): Lowell Highcastle (a vampire wolf with a laser pistol and a very short temper), Katherine Highcastle (a black hedgehog with a laser rifle and mechanical wings), Nikolai Pentreko (a Russian porqupine with a laser shotgun and ice powers)

Selected Quote:


Sonic: "You know with all this seriousness it sounds like you guys never have any fun!"

Lowell: "Of course we have fun! We tend to goof off a LOT off duty, to entertain ourselves!"

Nikolai: "Even Cheese Slice Snap begins to lose its charm after some time."


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Just thought of another one.

Title: Act your Age

Written By: Perry Martin

Synopsis: When Sonic is caught lying about his age in order to try and stay young, Amy and Tails use a machine to get him to act more like his age, to see if he will become a more competant leader. But when this aging process transforms him into a muscled and arrogent jerk (...again), they and the rest of Team Sonic decide that they want their teen nacroleptic back instead.

Main Characters: Miles "Tails" Prower, Amy Rose, Knuckles the Echidna, Sticks the Badger

Antagonist(s): Adult Sonic (an older, taller, muscled Sonic with a five-o-clock shadow. Also a complete jerk and pompous attention-grubber who disregards his teammates as extrenuous)

Backup Characters: Doctor Eggman, Lowell Highcastle

New Characters (with Description): N/A

Selected Quote:


Tails: "Aww. This is all my fault! Why did I think this was a good idea?!"

Lowell: "Having an IQ doesn't exactly guaruantee common sense, friendo."

Tails: "Oh, thanks."

Lowell: "What, I'm just saying. Genetic maniuplation is hard. It's not like you can just program a computer with a toothpick to change you at the last second..." *He and Tails glare at the screen for a bit, silently* "It's just not that simple!" 


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Title: Pseudo-Sonic

Written By: Perry Martin

Synopsis: When Sonic is injured in combat and captured by Eggman, he makes a very unusual discovery, that Sonic appears to be at least mostly mechanical. While Sonic has to deal with these life-changing revelations, it's a fight between Tails and Eggman to see who can keep their friend/enemy under THEIR control.

Main Characters: Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Sticks the Badger

Antagonist(s): Dr Eggman

Backup Characters: Amy Rose, Knuckles the Echidna

New Characters (with Description): MarTech A23 (a PDA-type device that holds a database on all of the MarTech products, old and new, as well as discontinued lines. Eggman uses it to properly figure out what makes "Mecha Sonic" tick).

Selected Quote:


Knuckles: "A robot, huh? How d'ya feel?"

Sonic: "Honestly? Horrible. Guess I'm just the sort of thing I always went out to destroy..."

Knuckles: "Well don't go campaigning for Robot Rights. Last time Eggman's bots tried to do that it was...urgh, messy."


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Interesting ideas WarTraveller, might as well throw in a funny concept myself.

Title: Atomocalypse

Written By: Mike Arcade

Synopsis: When Team Sonic find and accidentally activate an Ancients' Power Source unlike any other, they have to find a way to stabilize it and fight off both Eggman and the Thunderbolt Society from obtaining it. It's a tug of war between Heroes and Villains with all 3 groups playing a dangerous game of hot potato...if anyone drops it could spell the end for Hedgehog Village, and all of Seaside Island! Can our heroes save the day with the stakes raised so high? 

Main Characters: Team Sonic (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Sticks)

Antagonist(s):  Dr.Eggman, Orbot, Cubot, The Thunderbolt Society (Dave and the rest), Lyric (Mentioned Only)

Backup Characters: Walrus Lady, That Beaver Guy, Comedy Chimp, Mayor Fink, Perci, Zooey, Mike the Ox

New Characters (with Description): Unnamed Ancient (In Robes, Hologram Recording)

Selected Quote:

"Don't worry guys, all it needs is a good smashing and..." *Knuckles prepares to raise his fist*
Team Sonic: "NOO!!!" *Knuckles stops right before his fist hits the AAD*
Knuckles: "What?"
Tails: "KNUCKLES, it's Atomic you CAN'T smash it!"
Knuckles: "So, I eat ants why would I care if I smash their Microphones?"
Amy: "That's Atomic Knuckles, not Ant-o-Mic, as in like end-of-the-world Dangerous."

Notes: Other than the Boom Games and I suppose that Season 2 4-part Special, The Boom Team hasn't ever really had a major threat on their hands in the show, so I figured what better way to have a funny yet high stake episode featuring an Ancient Atomic Device/AAD? The idea of it bouncing around all across the village when it could at any moment go off in and destroy EVERYTHING is just amusing to me. The Unnamed Ancient would say that Lyric was the one behind it's creation, throwing in some mythos that actually fleshes out the world. At the end of it the Heroes of course save the day, after a few fake outs to mess with the fans' heads. Tails would end up studying it throughout this fabled season in some other episodes, leaving things open for a more recurring storyline with the AAD itself being put away where no one can supposedly get to it. By giving Sonic Boom a more recurring storyline with some actual weight along with it's comedic tone it would make for a much more promising and balanced show.

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Title: Cooties Suck

Written By: Perry Martin

Synopsis:  With one of Eggman's...stranger experiments gone awry, Sonic is transformed overnight into a female version of himself. As she runs around, confused and shocked, Amy gathers various female residents of the village to train Sonic to be prim and proper. Tails races to cure this condition, and Knuckles fails to wrap his head around it.

Main Characters: Sonic the Hedgehog (Male and Female), Miles "Tails" Prower, Amy Rose

Antagonist(s): Doctor Eggman, Amy Rose

Backup Characters: Knuckles the Echidna, Sticks the Badger, Perci the Bandicoot, Lady Goat, Lady Walrus

New Characters (with Description): N/A

Selected Quote: 


Sonic: "Guys? GUYS?! Something's REALLY wrong! I have lumps where I'm not supposed to have them!"

Knuckles: "Oh? Well you see, when you grow older and changes start to happen to your body..."


*Sonic bursts through the door, revealing that he is now female.*

Sonic: "These ones! I've turned into a...a girl!"

*Everyone gasps in shock...except Amy*

Amy: "Ahhh, DANG IT!"

*everyone turns to look and stare at Amy*

Amy: "...Uh..." *clears her throat* "I mean, oh noooo.."



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I have good news for you folks that we will be doing more of these style of threads for other canons. We will be expanding the basic forumla given but as to not step on the toes of the WWYD threads, we will be enacting a "keep close to canon rule" - that means a hard OC limit and an some general expectations like keeping in the rating and tone of the shows. Treat this like you were writing for these actual shows and not a free for all, indulgent, or  revisionist fan-fiction. This is the true meat of the challenge. 

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Title: Be Civilized 

Written By: Perry Martin

Synopsis: Taking advice from his MarTech device, Eggman decides to use some of their technology to take away Team Sonic's need to fight...and ends up making most of them Tribal versions of themselves in the process. While Perci and Knuckles must step in to take down Eggman in their absence, it's up to the now sophisticated and prim Sticks to keep her near-feral teammates docile...with a tea party.

Main Characters:  Sonic the Hedgehog, Perci the Bandicoot, Knuckles the Echidna, Sticks the Badger (Sophisticated)

Antagonist(s): Doctor Eggman, MarTech A23, Metal Sonic

Backup Characters: Sonic the Hedgehog (Tribal), Amy Rose (Tribal),  Miles "Tails" Prower (Tribal)

New Characters (with Description): N/A

Selected Quote:

  • Eggman: "You, tech support!"
  • A23: "Yes, Doctor Robotnick?"
  • Eggman: "That's Doctor EGGMAN to you! Look, I need some new ideas for my brilliant plan to destroy Sonic the Hedgehog! How about...I open a dimension to another world!"
  • A23: "I do not know, you have sort of done that twice already...and I don't really think we got away with it last time. I mean they saw right through the palette swa-"
  • Eggman: "FINE! What do you suggest?"
  • A23: "As a cold, totally unthinking machine, perhaps it is wise to, rather than try to match Sonic's physical prowess, take away his ability to fight at all."
  • Eggman: "What, like make him really slow and scared of everything?"
  • A23: "Yes, Doctor Robotman. We here at MarTech Industries have dabbled with emotional suppressants in the past."
  • Eggman: "Ooh, so do you have anything that'll help my control them? With MIND control?"
  • A23: "I believe we do..."

Had to do the quote in bullet points instead of quote box. Those things don't like me, for some reason.

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Now, should I do another of these? ...Probably.

Title: Get Smart

Written By: Perry Martin

Synopsis: Fed up with Knuckles' infamous idiocy, Tails decides to try and get Knuckles to gain a fair amount of intelligence. When the common method via Amy fails, Tails decides to just make him smarter with one of his machines. The result is indeed a smarter Knuckles, albeit one that could drive a rift between him, Tails and the rest of the team.

Main Characters: Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Lowell Highcastle

Antagonist(s): Shadow the Hedgehog

Backup Characters: Doctor Eggman, Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, Sticks the Badger

New Characters: N/A

Quote Selection:

  • Knuckles: "Oh yeah, and what if I DON'T want to be smarter? Huh? Ever thought of that?"
  • Tails: "Knuckles, it'd be for your own good. Being intelligent lets you do all sorts of things!"
  • Lowell: "Besides, I think it goes without saying that a few people 'round here would probably appreciate a smarter you."
  • Tails: "Like who?"
  • Lowell: "Well..."
  • *Camera pans over to the window. A red echidna like Knuckles (but smaller and thinner) is standing outside of the window looking in. His face is pressed against the glass and he is glaring at Knuckles with a face that screams disgust and hatred. Tense music plays in the background as the area behind the echidna turns to fire and the screen vibrates intensely*
  • Lowell: "Yes...him. Give me a second..." (he walks outside, and a scuffle between him and the echidna is heard off-screen) "Go on, get outta here! Go back to your own universe!" (loud punching sound) "OWW!" (Lowell walks back in, clutching a black eye) "So yes...what do you think?"
  • Knuckles: "Just...give me some time."
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