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Drawing, designs, doodles, painting, both digital and traditional.

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Stuff I have lying around that I did or was commissioned to make. Oh yeah, I made our logo. XP

I will add some more stuff here and there. Honestly, wanted to make sure everyone else posted stuff first and foremost before I ever did. @Wulfsbane @Mike Arcade But if I waited for these two, I'd look like that skeleton by the time they did. XP  Do note I have detailed PNG's of these files that look less saturated and more detailed, but I may sell them as prints. The logo is PNG. Feel free to downloaded as a screen saver or whatever.



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  • TheRedStranger changed the title to Drawing, designs, doodles, painting, both digital and traditional.

The Downfall of Racoon City in the style of John Martin. I painted this one today digitally with the help of an AI (mid Journey) to emulate the textures of Martin’s work and compile a loose underpainting via a lot of samples. It's really speeds up the process. Going to probably project this and make an oil painting. I am actually considering doing a series of oil paintings done in the classic Style of History Paintings, yet instead of stuff from Greek Myths and such, doing modern myths on a grand scale. Click the image for the more high-res versions. :)


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