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We have a double sided topic for this one, What Would You Do Different and Reconstructed Unite!

In this case due to the lack of a lot of material for this series, both Series of ours are joined for Sonic OVA, the World of Planet Freedom and many things that look alike, such as Ice and Water, Stake and Cow. XP
So rules for both topics both apply, we try to reconstruct any scenes, moments, or anything in the OVA that we feel that needed more of an explanation, as well as say what we would change in the OVA as well. So enjoy and let's ride our bike on a Sunday.

1. Why would Robotnik try to kill everybody and then try to repopulate the planet with Sara!?
2. How would you handle or make the world of Planet Freedom? What would you change about it?

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Is this just about the Sonic anime movie?

1. Robotnik always seems to have wacky ideas for world domination.  The Genesis games only emphasized the concept of him wanting to build a world with the Mobian animals as his robot badniks.  Early Archie comics and tied in video game material sees him merely as a proud tyrant that wants to rule over everything ("supreme-dictator-for-life") without any regards to the health of the beings (he also seemed to hate anything natural and living which is why he hates the environment and loves pollution and robots).  The modern games have him seeking to create "Eggmanland," but he's not really shown what type of ruler he would be if he ever had his way.  The OVA Robotnik?  Seems to be pretty cracked up with a perverted mindset.  From what I remember from the movie, Robotnik wants to take over Planet Freedom and destroy Sonic with Metal Sonic, but he comes off as being immature with his goal.  Still, if Robotnik succeeded in destroying everybody on Planet Freedom, what purpose would he have in life?  This Robotnik does not like living alone with robots as Satam or early Archie versions; remember him playing that video game with Sara?  This Robotnik wants companionship.  He may want to kill all the residents from Planet Freedom, but maybe his goal coinsides with another: to create his own generation and become the new patriarch of Planet Freedom.  It may not sound as weird as you may think.  Throughout human history, cultures have emphasized the need for a lot of offspring and the seniority a man receives in being a father to many children.  Maybe Robotnik wants his own family in his own world.  To do that, he needs a mate.  And it seems he has some form of interest in Sara...okay, the rest is history.

2. From what I saw in the movie, Planet Freedom resembled some of the Genesis level themes- island/beach, Robotnik's lair, Ice cap.  The only one that doesn't tie to the Genesis games would be the capitol where the president and Sara live: that seems to be influenced more either from Satam or, more likely, AOSTH.  Since the movie resided mostly in these four settings, there isn't a lot details about Planet Freedom's topography and geography, but from what is displayed it would seem to fit fine with a classic Sonic/Genesis era.

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