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  1. Last time I played this game I couldn't play for long before the camera got me sick.
  2. Oi, how are things going?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ishapar


      Been pretty rough lately.  Trying to sort out a lot of personal issues (including faith).  I don't want to push anything on you, but could you keep me in your prayers to finally figure out how to deal with all of the issues.

    3. Mike Arcade

      Mike Arcade

      Of course, I pray everything goes well.

    4. Ishapar


      Thanks!  Know it's been a while since we talked, but I don't have a computer currently.  Will still check up with y'all and the site when I can.

  3. Oi, how are things going?

    1. TheRedStranger


      Very busy with school. But it’s been very rewarding. I will be getting my masters soon. 

    2. Ishapar


      Nice.  What is your Masters in?

    3. TheRedStranger


      My Masters will be in Psychology with a Concentration in Art Therapy. 

  4. Oi, how are things going?

  5. Oi, guys.  I guess I am back.  Can't use Skype anymore for contact since I don't have a Microsoft account.  How are things going around here?

    1. Sorzo


      Can't you just create a new account if you have to? They're free...

    2. Ishapar


      You could, but I really don't feel like having more accounts then necessary, and I am not really fond of how Microsoft is forcing people to have an account to use basic programs that previously didn't need an account to use.  Do you guys want me to start up a new account?

  6. Gremlin Sonic? New fan character I'd wager... I was never fond of the idea of a live-action Sonic movie, and the poster just confirms my fears. I also don't understand why they could not use one of Sonic's previous voice actors or even Smith to tie the character more to the games and expanded Sonic universe. I have not known a recent Sony movie to come out better than average, and I'll doubt Sony will show much love to the Sonic lore other than keep to a Modern Sonic storyline. I'd still say that the movie is gonna be a Sonic X rip-off without any of the pleasures the anime gave.
  7. Praise and gratitude rises with the sun, The day of thanksgiving has come. For many, blessings spring abundant as the harvest, Yet famine reigns through the hardships of some. How does the injured heart discover praise? How can the failure cause his head raise? Why should deficient health find strength in joy? Why may the loner seek thanks while in his void? Raise your eyes; open up your heart, Feeling the presence of life brings a start. The day still comes; virtues remain amongst pain, Second chances are laid; lessons be here and gained.
  8. First you should figure out if an Anti- or Evil Twin Sonic is even needed for the main story. As I recall, Evil Sonic made his debut in an early issue (back before they created a stable canon timeline), where Sonic accidentally runs too fast that he ends up in an opposite manifestation of Mobius. Messing with alternate realities can be a quagmire for a writer to wade through, so I would recommend most fan writers to not even consider messing with an alternate universe or other worlds unless they have already answered many necessary questions pertaining to the structure of the alternate reali
  9. Eh, not too well I'm afraid other than giving Tikal more public appearances. Knuckles is shown to be trained and built for guarding the Master Emerald and the other secrets of Angel Island with strength that rivals Sonic's speed. What does Tikal have? Um....a floating light orb and visions? If you were to give Tikal some abilities that were related to guarding and protecting a sacred powerful relic, then it may work but I still have my doubts on that one. Tikal works best as a mysterious figure trapped within the Master Emerald. I also don't see how she and Knuckles have similar personal
  10. Finally got Mania this week...past cool!

  11. Don't make the teams clones of each other. The biggest complaint I heard about Heroes was the annoyance of playing the same team 4 times in a row to receive the final ending. If you are going to offer 4 teams for people to play the game with, then make each team to be unique enough that playing with them offers an enjoyable experience instead of a tedious chore. Don't give each team a different mission if the mission is still basically reaching the goal coin at the end of the level. Chaotix had the most mix-up of the team missions, but even they often followed the same level and reach the
  12. If 2d Classic Sonic was given the storyline/plot of Forces, I honestly could see Sega hinting more to characters and franchises seen in the Classic Sonic era. We already seen Fang, Bean, an Bark being cameoed in Mania, so I would assume they would be back as full characters for Sonic to interact with. I could see Robotnik having references more to Satam and Archie Robotnik as they center around him conquering Sonic's world, and I wouldn't doubt if one of Robotniks' croonies from the older shows (Scratch and Grounder or Snively) made cameo appearances to fill in Eggman's current two bumbling
  13. I don't think boose would have worked with Lost World's freer gameplay. You can tell that the game wasn't meant for the full-blown speed from the other boost games. That said, if the game focused on the boost mechanic, I don't think the game would have made much of an impact after the success of Generations. The boost mechanic was at its climax at Generations: Unleashed and Colors were able to get away with the mechanic because of its "coolness" of being able to boost through huge levels like a race track and revive the speed factor missing in other 3d Sonic games. 3rd times the charm wit
  14. Not bad with your drawings (especially Robutnik).
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