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How would you do Boom?


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5 minutes ago, TheRedAuthar said:

First off either don't use Metal Sonic or save him for later in the game.  specifically if you're giving Sonic Power ups.  Metal should have an equivalent move to each of Sonic's abilities and power ups, save for secret ones.  This way Metal would be a big challenge, actually feel as if you're facing another Sonic, yet also rewarding players who spent time and effort to maximize the blue blur.  

Otherwise, just don't use him.  While including a few characters from the previous games is a good idea, since Robotnik wasn't the main villain, I'd focus on new bosses.

You could basically use the same move set and have to learn a Rock Paper Scissors style way to counter his emulated techniques. It would be funny if you could mess with his sensors after damaging his optics by going slow and the moving to attack him quickly from different angles. Unthinking and deconstructing you own move set you were using in the game through out would turn the mechanics into a empathic experience with what Sonic is having to do himself in the story. 

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I would keep some since of a continuity for the show. They rarely have a passing reference to a previous episode and when it does it's something rather unnoticed. I would have a since of continuity by having a few past events brought up, keep some minor story lines going (Tails & Zooey for an example to see how that goes), and maybe have a multi part episode or something.

The whole show just seems "Fire & Forget" to me

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On 8/2/2016 at 6:28 AM, TheRedStranger said:

What are your opinions on Boom Sonic? What do you think was intended for his character and how would you write him with this in mind?

Boom Sonic is one of the worst incarnations of Sonic we've ever, EVER seen, and that's in a world where Modern Sonic exists. He's just...he really is the true anti-Sonic, not in the sense that he's a generic evil incarnation but more that he's against everything that Sonic is supposed to be; he's lazy, he's selfish, he's not even all that skilled and he isn't adventurous. He'd rather sleep in a hammock all day and sell toys!

What we were TOLD was more interesting; a version of the character that is an out-and-out adventurer, and one that has some issues with working in a team. It's interesting, it's logical and it furthers Sonic's character. So of course they took it out and made him pretty much his Modern counterpart but worse! Honestly, if that was what they WERE going for, that's what they should have done.

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