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Your favourite Sonic Boom episode

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Tails' Girlfriend.

It was nice to see something good happen with Tails involving a girl instead of Fiona, the walking plant, etc. It was funny how everyone's attempts to help Tails out were pretty humorous and the fact that Eggman suffers the same thing as all of us: Tracking and receiving packages. Sucks that the very next episode they forgot about her but still, nice change of pace

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Not sure of the title, but I believe it was the second episode when Eggman stays with Sonic and Tails.  My favorite part was the ending: when Eggman came back and said he would stay with them while his base was being rebuilt, Sonic quickly carried him back to his base.  That's probably the only scene that actually made me laugh in Sonic Boom.

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After months I can finally respond to this, sorry Daddler. :(

I'm very particular to Sonic Boom, though my favorite episodes consist of Eggman's Tomato Sauce, which he actually has a pretty clever evil plan for once. Blue with Envy which acts like a counterattack against Sonic's Extreme Cool persona of the 90's commercials and AoSTH. Closed Door Policy has one of Sticks' ramblings to actually end up coming true completely. Fire in a Crowded Workshop is also one of my more personal favorites as it has a character who was intended to have a bigger role in the series have some focus for once and gave the main cast the only sane character in the show, sadly only for that episode. Lastly Role Models which I think is a jab at basically the SJW movement of recent times as of this post.

Despite some favorites I have, to this day I don't know what to make of Sonic Boom, I wouldn't see it's bad,  but not great either. It's a show where they seem to not have a focus on at first...and might not still have a focus with the upcoming Season 2. It's first episode deceived anyone who watched it as it protrayed itself as an action adventure show then immediately and completely changing the tone of the series from then on. The comedy itself is rather odd and very dry, which could be a language barrier problem considering the whole show is made in France (without any US input unlike Sonic Underground). The tone of it sometimes makes fun of Sonic in general, to doing mundane things, to anything else it can throw on the wall and hope it sticks...no not that Sticks. Overall it's a mixed bag, though I don't wish ill of the series as it's certainly not the worst or offensive thing the series has come out with, but in the end Sonic Boom ended up released as a mess that no one has any idea what to do with, but with curiosity I shall peak at it every now and then to see where it goes.

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