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AoSTH Reconstructed!?

Mike Arcade

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In the next line up of Sonic Reconstructed we have...AOSTH!?!

How is this possible you may ask? I DARE YOU THAT'S WHY!!! @_@

But seriously I do think this show does have some merits, it's completely insane but hey it's also really fun, like a cracked out version of Road Runner cartoons, that being said let's begin.

Why didn't Robotnik make more badniks for his SSSSS Squad like Scratch, Grounder, or Coconuts?

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*Flips on a wielding mask, kicks alight a blow-torch.,*

"This is gonna take some work."


Well first you have to think of "Robotnik's" resource and design restraints.  What does it take to make one of these "soliders?"

My first knee-jerk reaction would be to say that they are incompetent designs that bore no actual progress to Robotnik's purposes. Coconuts was....well nuts (creating your own potential antagonists is the ultimate way to fail at your goals of domination). Scratch and Grounder are grossly, grossly incompetent.

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