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In a new edition of Reconstructed, we look into the "masterpiece" of a rock opera known as Sonic Underground, we try to make sense of the moments, characters, and story of one of the most polarizing entry in the series. That being said I got 3 questions for this one actually, answer any or all of them and then we can go from there one or many questions at a time, let's begin!

1. Why is it that the Roboticizer turns some people into full Robians, or turns them into Partial, Cyborg Like Robians?
2. What the heck is Dingo suppose to be, and why can he shape shift with the push of a remote control?
3. Why did The Oracle tell Robotnik of all people about the prophecy!?! Just what's his angle!?

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well its been awhile since I've seen this show, so I can't really answer number 3, but I do have theories for the first two:

for #1 I think its simply because it was built by robotnik as opposed to uncle chuck if I remember correctly, which could mean either it wasn't as efficient or it was closer to the one found in sonic lost world.

for #2: Dingo is a dingo, which is a type of Australian wild dog I believe. as to why he can be transformed, I just chalk it up to genetic modification and nanobots because robotnik has little regard for his underlings.

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