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  1. I like the new logo ^.^

    1. TheRedStranger


      I thought it would be good to make a single-loop mobius than the classic double. It creates a flow of two Sonic symbols into one, the power-ring and the mobius, which in itself resonates with the concept of a mobius, a disparate dimensions looping on themselves to make a singular whole. The three colors represent our three agendas, three aspects, and the three metacanons. They all refer back to the three powers of from Sonic, flight, speed, and power. The three agendas are: Fandom Socialization, Art Creation, and Sonic Appreciation. Three meta-canons are Sega of Japan, Sega of Europe, and Sega of America. The three aspects are performance, visual-design, and writing. Given the changes in Sonic lately, I would also argue it could represent the three ages as well, Classic era, Modern Era, and Post-Modern.

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