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What Could Have Been Different: Sonic Boom

Mike Arcade

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You know the drill, WCHBD walks into the explosion, or should I say the BOOM? Either way you ask and answer a What If case scenario regarding the series as best you can and we keep on going till possibly forever. With Sonic Boom not ending up as we all thought it was going to be, whatever those expectations where I think this WCHBD has a lot of interesting potential. I'll start us off with one question that come to mind when it comes to Rise of Lyric and the changes it would bring.

What if Eggman was actually a threat that could kill?

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On 12/14/2016 at 8:39 PM, TheRedAuthar said:

Lyric would be pointless.  The more competent Eggman is the less need there is for an alternative villain.



The question is...how would this affect the plot? You would think it would cause conflict between the two villains that could actually lead to some serious collateral.

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Those are some great points guys, by having a more competent Eggman I think you could possibly have a great finale with some big plan Eggman has been unknowingly building up to in the show. Maybe he captures or holds the entire village hostage, or even win against our lazy heroes and are kicked off the island, perhaps they end up at sea and are now trying to get back home! I mean that's how I would kick off Season 2 of the show anyway, if Eggman made Metal Sonic then he could have possibly been faking incompetency to lower all their guards down to them thinking he's a complete joke, only to give them a complete turnabout and win. It would be something big that can shed a whole new light on all previous episodes as well.

I would have Eggman be competent all along, with Previous Episodes being apart of a long term scheme to lower Team Sonic and the Villagers guard and take them by surprise, testing out robot designs and oddball schemes getting as much data as possible before making a real strike against them all. He'd go so far as to make himself look like a bumbling fool that he'd fool even us the audience, that's how I'd go about Eggman in Boom, I mean in the boom games he seems to have a tiny bit of a sinister side at some parts after all. Again, if he did in fact made Metal Sonic (which I think he did) then he's gotta be much smarter then he lets on rather then getting really lucky. XP

Here's a question guys that I know you'll love guys, What if the Knothole Freedom Fighters were in Sonic Boom and what would they be like?

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39 minutes ago, Mike Arcade said:

What if the Knothole Freedom Fighters were in Sonic Boom and what would they be like?

Hey, we might have some decent villagers for a change!

In all honesty, I'm not too sure. The FF work...sort of, in their own world and by their own rules. They just wouldn't fit into the happier-chappier, happy-go-lucky, sugar-coated world of Sonic Boom. Perhaps Sally could be like a crazy homeless person who thinks Eggman is actually a threat and that a good deal of her friends were removed by some sort of cosmic retcon (META)...but that's sort of going into Sticks territory.

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