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Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself


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I'm A Man of Wealth and Taste xD

Anyways, My name is Wulfsbane but most of you know me as Uncle Ben.   I did recently graduated college at Johnson & Wales University and I even had a term abroad in Italy (beautiful country, if you have the opportunity I suggest you go). I’m a slightly overqualified pizza cook at a rather mid/upscale restaurant who’s debating if this is really what I want to do with my life and I may go back to school at some point. I got into Sonic when I was 4 when I played Sonic 2 for the first time and my first console was a Sega Dreamcast. Still have it, rather yellow now for some reason. I think I have gotten nearly every main game thus far. I also got into SatAM at this time due to some reruns and was hooked almost immediately. I also got into the Comics when I was 11 when my middle school library had an issue of the Archie Comics. I’m also an avid hockey fan (RIP "Mr. Hockey" Gordie Howe) and I play hockey myself. I actually just won my league a few weeks ago. I play mostly as a power forward who seems to be snakebitten for goals, at least I'm better than half of Toronto.

I joined another community originally 4 years ago. About a year into said community I met Stranger here and we became friends. He helped me see my full potential in myself. We began working on a certain story which I think we will be releasing a part of it soon. When he came to me about starting the Scribes in order to improve the fanbase I was all for it and here I am. I hope you guys enjoy this site. If anyone has any questions about me I'm a pretty open guy so feel free to ask.

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The following is a Maintenance Test of the local Networking Underground Database Encryption. If you experience power fluctuations, please do not panic. Citizens are also encouraged to submit suggestions for better database acronyms to NICOLE.

Thank you, and have a nice day.

Long live the Queen.

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