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Who do you want us to Interview Next?


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Simple question, we did an interview with Sonic Revolution earlier in the year and if we were to do another one we want to know who you want us to interview next?

Donnie/SSF1991? Aaron Webber? Matt Mannhamer? Let us know, we will do what we can.


Penders is out of the question

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@SallyAcornLover If you have the ability to contact Laura that would be good. I do think I know who you are talking about.


I can ask Donnie on Twitter. Same with Aaron and Matt (considering I've met them in person it could be easier). Karl Bollers would be an interesting choice but from what I have heard he doesnt like talking about his time at Archie. Plus he works at Marvel so I dont know how open he would be.


Clement and Johnny are good choices as well. I would like us to become a bit more prominent before we ask them though.


@TheRedStranger what are your thoughts

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Yes, sure. :)
We are already friends at DeviantArt, but I must confess that I didn’t have much contact with her recently, unfortunately.
I’m just not sure what exactly I should write to her, especially if she would reply to me with a question back what the interview would be all about?
Because I don’t know what questions you would like to ask her in the interview.
I personally would like you to ask her about the future of her voice-acting role regarding Sally Acorn in the animated fan series Sea3on among other topics.
Maybe also how she sees the future of the US-American Sonic side in the fandom and the future of (the official) Sonic the Hedgehog in general?
In addition maybe even what she thinks about the current games like Sonic Mania, Sonic Forces, and the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie?
Not to forget the moving part from the Sonic Comics from Archie to IDW.
Just to extend the interview a little bit more. ^^
I really hope that Laura Blue will be the next guest in your interview. :)
I really like her. ^^

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