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Hello all, I am ToaArcan. Friend of Wulfsbane and Nemesis, who posted just before me. I've been working alongside them on DA's Anti-Archie-Sonic, as group founder and reviewer of the main titles, with a fair few stories of my own under my belt, which I'll be bringing here.

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Hey, a Bionicle fan! While I gradually lost interest in the series shortly after the first year of the Metru Nui storyline, I was quite the fanatic for awhile, largely thanks to the comics and especially the Mata Nui Online Game, which will forever hold a special place in my heart as being one of the first truly great things I found on the Internet. Heck, BZPower was the first forum I ever joined. Kopaka and Takua/Takanuva were my favorites.

Though I've read my share of issues, I'm not as familiar with Archie Sonic as most of the others here are. So while I'll try to offer feedback on your stories at some point, it's likely that some of the nuances involving certain events or characters will be lost on me if you draw more from that continuity than SatAM.

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