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How would do a Sonic Manga?


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On 10/9/2016 at 1:42 PM, TheRedAuthar said:

Honestly, I wouldn't do a Manga any different then a Western Comic.  True the art direction may be different but I'd probably tell the same story.


What you mean like this? xD

A Mobius based Manga is a given, I mean I would like to see that, it could bring a whole new audience and possibly bring together both SoJ and SoA fans (though it what degree is questionable). However that in of itself could bring in a myriad of problems as well depending on who would write and draw it (will it have Animu Tropes?) I mean that's a whole other can of worms and could go either way.

How would you guys use the stuff from the Mangas I found for a Sonic Manga story though? That's what I'm more curious about as it's completely unknown territory to just about everyone, and I just wonder taking from those how would you guys do it?

A Sonic Manga I would like to see would be to explore more of Nicky Parlouzer's World, what is it like out there? Would Emi (Nicky's Girlfriend) end up becoming or having powers similar to that of her game counterpart Amy Rose? Would the Charmy Bee of this world meet the Chaotix? What would become of Nicky's Mom, Dad, and Little Sister? Will Little John (Nicky's best friend) be an interesting character rather then just the fat one? Will Anton (No he's not Antoine) ever stop trying to go out with Emi and stop causing trouble? What exactly is Eggman (or Dogman he refers himself to in public) planning? But most importantly, WHAT is Manga Sonic suppose to be and why does Nicky turn into Sonic? That's not a minor mystery here guys that's a pretty big thing going on and there is no answer to it other then a story about Nicky's dad being saved by Sonic before he met his future wife. Not to mention the Mary Garnet Story that was in the original promo Manga of Sonic which is where I believe Paulie (Nicky's Dad) being saved by Sonic is VERY similar to that story, which raises even more questions!

Maybe I'm the only one who would like to see what would happen but still it's very interesting I'd say, and who knows in such a hypothetical Manga maybe the Freedom Fighters would somehow make an appearance. :)

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I didn't know the mangas had more storyline than just that one sample I looked at (the one with the fan girls).  I'll have to take another look before making any remarks.


Just a side note, I believe you can find the mangas on the same site that hosts the fleetway and archie comics.

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Yeah you have the Story Comic which is just an adaption and promo for Sonic 1, and then you have the stories with Nicky Parlouzer, after that there's Dash & Spin which is a Sonic gag manga. So you have two, technically three storylines with Sonic regarding Mangas, the Nicky Parlouzer story being the most prominent one.

Yeah that's where I got it Ish, was really happy to see it there that day.

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Technically the whole band thing was originally planned for Sonic 1 with a Mach the Rabbit, Max the Monkey, Chirps the Chicken, and even Vector the Crocodile for a Sound Test Menu but was cut out to make room for the Sega Chime, there's your fun fact of the day. :P

By the way those girls were called his Bodyguard Platoon, I am not even kidding.

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