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BREAKING: Archie and Sega to End Partnership.


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It’s official. SEGA and Archie Comics are going their separate ways.

The official Sonic PR has announced this just moments ago. They do, however, say that “this does not mark the end of Sonic in comics”. What exactly that means is unknown, but one thing is for sure. The Sonic PR indicates that it was a move done by SEGA of America, a “decision to take a different direction for the series that will be announced at a later date”. Again, the exact meaning of this is unknown. We don’t know if this means the comics will shift publishers, if they’ll be toned down to being one-off issues, or what is going on.

Either way, it’s the end of an era.

Official Statement below


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A few artists and writers have also had a few words to say regarding this news, with some who will have words to share later on.

After several months of this Hiatus at least we finally know what's going on now, while I understand a lot of people aren't happy with how this turned out at least we have our answer. I'm not too sure what to feel about this to be honest, but I'll share my own thoughts later.

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Aside from the fact I called it, this was pretty much inevitable. The saddest part is that they're unlikely to use any of the satam cast or post/pre reboot characters ever again (no more FF, no more decent eggbosses, etc) , while also being the greatest and most satisfying part as the worst ideas, writing, storytelling and shoddy world building post reboot are purged for good (meaning stupid choices like Wendy NAUGUS witchcart and BBA: eggmooks incorporated are undone, which allows for both to be returned to their former status of legitimate individual villains with their own individual goals). In short: I'm ok with this.

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