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As the first ever post of Mobius Obscura, welcome aboard as we look into the few and far between, the most unknown of the Sonic Series, and some of the most hard to find. Today I bring you all a comic that many of you I know have not read, I'm talking about the Sonic Adventure Comic...from France!


Actually it's called Sonic Adventures but I thought that title sounded better, this is a comic that takes place on a Mobius much similar to the one seen in Fleetway's Sonic The Comic, a good doctor gone bad, and a Sonic with much more of an attitude problem, also known as the best official Sonic. xD

Anyway despite lasting only one issue, this comic has several differences compared to say STC, for one and most noticeably, The Echidnas are not as extinct as everyone thought they were, with an entire tribe of Echindas on Angel Island lead by a Princess named Alucion, an Orange Echidna who looks very similar to Tikal and Shade in some regards. In fact Alucion predates Tikal and is believe by some as the inspiration of her as well as the Echidna Tribe of SA1.

With a cartoony style similar to something you'd see in an Astirx Comic, it's a very intersting read and a fascinating piece of history that won't be forgotten, especially since it was translated to English some years ago, the translated comic which I am linking to this topic right now as a matter of fact!

My only real complaint...no Antoine, come on France what do you got against your own, seriously!?

Sadly this is as I've said the only issue, as the 2nd Sonic Adventures book despite having a cover of Sonic and Knuckles, is only just a French Sonic & Knuckles Strategy Guide. On that note, Sega where's Alucion in Sonic Boom? Still, this is why I'm here, so that none of us forget even the most Obscure of Mobius and Sonic around.

Check it out, discuss it, and enjoy!


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Yeah it did, at least the Echidnas we're actually decent for once in the canon, actually I believe The Echidna Tribe in this comic predates all other Echidnas in other Canon as a matter of fact, too bad we didn't get to see enough of them. Wow I'm actually complaining that I didn't see enough Echidnas, that's a first. XP

I like it how it's similar to both STC and Sega Sonic at the same time, though it does lean more on the Sega Sonic Classic Era it turned out just fine, can't imagine what they could have done with the series, maybe we would have had Sticks decades earlier. xD

On that note The Echidnas of Sonic Chronicles I believe are based on one of the alien races of Mass Effect and The Dark Legion, not a bad combination as they took out all the unnecessary stuff from The Legion and at least tied in The Gizoids to them, actual plot development!

The Archie Sonic Echidnas...I need an entire topic to cover those guys...and a LOT of Motrin...

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Tying the Gizoids to the Nocturnus didn't make a lot of sense, though. According to Battle's story, the civilisation that built Emerl killed all of his creators. According to Chronicles, some random Cthuloid space monster decided that one Gizoid out of many was dangerous enough to require pulling all of the people into another dimension, and that counted as Emerl "destroying them".

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Ah, sorrry about that I haven't had a chance to play Sonic Chronicles, and it's been a long time since I had played Sonic Battle.

Though maybe Sonic Chronicles takes  place in it's own continuity where Emerl didn't kill them all? That or The Nocturnus ended up finding Emerl and build Imperfect Gizoids based off of Emerl, again never played Sonic Chronicles but at least they tried to tie in some lore together which is much more then Sega has ever done lately.

Anyone played Gunstar Heroes before, Emerl is just reminding me more of the final boss of that game Golden Silver at this point considering how powerful he's suppose to be. XP

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Okay upon further inspection regarding the Nocturnus Clan and the Gizoids based on their designs, you got a point there. Or at least the Nocturnus could have at least change the color scheme of The Gizoids to match their Clan. Maybe they stole them who knows. :P

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I always liked discovering stuff such as this; it shows us that Sonic is creatively versitile. It's sad nowadays that there is such a creative monopoly because of a micromanaging, monocultural SEGA. I wish we had more comics, cartoons, and such again that took more diverse creative risks. 

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On 1/10/2017 at 5:38 AM, TheRedStranger said:

Is there any reason why this comic was so quickly canned?

On 1/10/2017 at 9:58 AM, Wulfsbane said:

It came out around the time of Sonic 3, so I wonder if it was used to promote the game?

My guess is that sadly it was only meant to promote Sonic 3 at the time, yet at the same time they got the artist for the comic again for the cover of a Sonic & Knuckles French strategy guide, which makes me wonder why they didn't get them to make a promo comic for S&K as well. It might have been a one shot deal but we got a pretty cool and interesting comic out of it so I'm glad we got this.

It does make me wonder why other countries didn't bank on making their own promo comics for Sonic though, I mean in Europe there were a number of translations of STC passed around like in Germany I believe, several years ago I do know that Archie Sonic got published in Europe in limited quantities from different publishers in different languages. I also say this because Brazil had it's own Megaman comic yet despite Sega doing very well over in South America with it's Master System and to a lesser extent the Genesis there isn't any comic over there from them, it's odd really.

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