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I honestly think the whole battle royale style of multiplayer games is a fad and it will pass. I’m more looking forward to games like megaman 11 and the release of the megaman x collection which has hinted at a new megaman x game that’s is set to release as it has begun to hint at. 

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See, having played PUBG, I find the game really fun... though it's horribly optimized and really shouldn't have left Early-Access. This EC video explains why PUBG caught on the way it did.


The reason why it caught fire the way it did was it was something new and fresh. Most of the multiplayer games right now are MOBA such as League, DOTA, Heroes of the Storm, etc. as well as your FPS games like Call of Duty, CS:GO, Battlefield, etc. and your team based games like Overwatch, TF2, and Paladins (Battleborn is no longer with us because Gearbox's terrible decision to release it 2 weeks before Overwatch). While PUBG is an F/TPS game, it was something that was considered a breath of fresh air for multiplayer games. I saw on reddit and other places how it was the same basic cookie cutter games with little variations and people wanted something different. Now Battle Royale games were tried and tested before but the early technology made it not work the way it can now.

What was PUBG's strength was the fact that it actually was a Day-Z mod originally that got popular with allowed PlayerUnknown to initially release the game itself. Fun fact, for the first several months of PUBG's existence it was only PU himself developing the game. It helps that a lot of building, textures, scenery, etc. were open source and publicly available materials but he was able to combine it with gun-play that's actually accurate to modern weaponry and taking into ballistics and trajectories into considerations too. Basically it was a perfect storm of "right place, right gameplay, right everything, right time." Of course playing the game in Early Access it was a buggy mess and had a moderate amount of issues but it was getting patched constantly for the people. The fatal flaw was that I think it got too popular, too quickly and they had unreasonably high expectations from the player base for 1.0. The goal was to have the game ready by Christmas last year and I think PU would have felt like it was a disservice to delay the game because of the demand.

The big issues right now with the game is that it's still horribly optimized, though better from Early Access, possibly to how graphically intense the game is as well as the amount packed into the game. The joke is now that it has overtaken Crysis as the most internally intense game in terms of specs. (Can it run Crysis PUBG on High?). The other main issue is that,yes there's hackers in the game, in fact on of the first major championships was won by a hacker which outlined the issue. They've been trying to fix it but it's an ongoing battle. The main way to prevent it is to region-lock China (cause 9/10s of the hackers are playing from China).


On 8/4/2018 at 9:09 PM, WarTraveller said:

I don't find running around in a field for 15 minutes before getting my head blown off by some random Twitch streamer haflway across the map who will go on to accuse me of stream-sniping to be fun.

This has actually been cut down a lot. Stream Sniping has been called out by a lot from the community as a bunch of streamers and celebrities such as deadmau5 have been going after Streamers falsely accusing people of Stream Sniping (and since most have their streams on VOD, it's easy to tell who's lying and who's telling the truth) And the only real Twitch streamers you need to worry about sniping you from 200m+ out would be Dr.DisRespect and Shroud, but that's because they're both former competitive CS: GO players. Shroud has actually set the record for most people killed in a single game with 38, but that's because he's a former professional CS:GO player. His streams are actually fun.



Anyways, this is going to be a fad but it will have it's niche of a couple hundred thousand players who will stick with it because they enjoy it. Fortnite and PUBG are actually starting to tapper off because it's slowly running it's course. With others trying their hand in it, the market will become over-saturated and will correct itself in about a year+

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Merged some threads together. Overall this thread is still about the state of the video game industry, it’s contentions, trends, and possibilities. If you have an idea of where video games are going, should go, have gone wrong, etcetera, this is the place.

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Pay-to-win models, which seems to be dominating mobile games these days, have always made me salty. Raid: Shadow Legends is the poster child for games in which spending money is the only way to compete with other players.

There's a great article about it over at The Gamer - Raid: Shadow Legends Is Absolute Trash And We're Not Afraid To Say It


Are you stuck on a particularly difficult dungeon and don’t want to grind for more gear? Use your Visa! Do you need more silver to equip a new weapon, because for some reason that costs in-game currency? Break out the MasterCard! Are you dissatisfied with your rank in Arena against the teams boosted by other players and their credit cards? Then spend more money, or forever stay in the lowest ranks of “competitive” play, you filthy, poor casual


It’s easy to dump on Raid: Shadow Legends because the developer’s greed is immense and their sponsorship of YouTube content creators widespread, but they are not doing anything original with their predatory monetization model or their game. Marvel Strike Force most closely approximates the monetization model of Raid: Shadow Legends. There, players are also hounded every other screen to spend ridiculous sums of money to improve their Captain America, or better gear their Yondu, all of which confer real advantages to both the Arena game mode and cooperative end-game raids. At least in that game there is some semblance of an end game, which is more than we can say for Raid: Shadow Legends, but in essence they both strive to rip as much money as possible away from their users.


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