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Polkadi is New in Town!


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Heya, it's Polkadi! And if you're wondering how to pronounce that... Don't. It has no pronunciation, or at least one that I've acknowledged.

I play video games, make music, draw things, roleplay, aaaand... I think I did other things, too?

I'm a Sonic fan, I like his games, I like his cartoons, I like his comics. Been a Sonic fan since a very young age...

Don't know what else to say, but I'm glad I cold join y'all! And if you have any questions because you'd like to know something about me, go ahead!

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51 minutes ago, TheRedStranger said:

And we are glad to have you! :) Feel free to explore the discussion forms, RP section, the studio-section, and of course contribute your art, music, ecettera. 

I'll be sure to explore all of them!

It will be a pleasure to be amongst y'all :D

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