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On 6/5/2018 at 10:08 AM, Mike Arcade said:

I believe Heir of the Empire is the sequel novels after the Original Film Trilogy correct?

One takes place before it called Truce of Bakkurha. But you can go straight into the  Thrawn trilogy because it has little connection. It’s vastly superior to the SJW-shill that is Disney Star Snores.

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Sounds like Disney is trying to cull the herd back they beat away and insulted. From Boyega’s “We don’t care” comment, Ryan Johnson’s insulting fans, and all the identity-politicization of Star Wars by Kathleen Kennedy, I doubt they can really dig out of the hole they made. Afterall, we know this series just ends in a dejected son of Anakin, idealistic hero somehow turned attempted teen murder, milking manatees on a backwater while his angsty, Vader fan-boy, grandson magically undos all the development of Clone Wars and Original series lore in a thinly-veiled, Chinese-knock off Quality reboot. None of it matters anymore because where it’s all going does not matter anymore. 

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 Star Wars Rise of Sky-walker is not a good movie.  It sucks that they killed Luke, and that Kylo Ren killed Han Solo, and Princess Lea died in this movie. Emperor Palatine should have stayed dead, and not be ruined by this movie. Rey should never be flying Luke Skywalker's X-wing and be so magical. It was nice to see Lando, but that won't take away the fact that Han Solo is dead. And that sucks.

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