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      Happy Thanksgiving! God bless you and yours this holiday. Feel free to talk about your favorite foods, family moments, and what you are thankful for in the Holiday thread.
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      So my portfolio has been reviewed...I got accepted into the BFA program, for both concentrations.
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      Looks like I won my war with the crazy neighbors. Thanks to some sleuthing, a drone, and some dedicated note taking, and bearacratic wrestling, The Judge Executive himself has stepped in and now the whole neighborhood is getting a major clean up. Everyone who let their place go is being forced to clean up, or face charges. The druggies are now buried under heaps of fines and the watchful eyes of Drug-task Force. My report also got a kid out of a very, very, dangerous home. I will give you a play by play update sometime. But I would rather say what I am doing art wise. I am doing a lot of painting and digital art currently - going to share some this week.
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    • Well...Disney never tried. But if they did, I'm certain they'd devote years of thought and testing into making him look right in live-action. Like the Detective Pikachu stuff. It's clear they spent a long time working out how they should look, how they should cross the barrier between cartoony and fictional and cartoony yet almost real. This Sonic design, on the other hand, feels like some bigwigs sat down and went, "Let's make it HYPER-REALISTIC, to make him look cool and edgy! Let's REALLY Micheal Bay this one! No-one cares! It's just for kids!" I mean, I wanted an anthro Sonic, sure. I'm fine with the noodle limb style, but I know a lot of people are not. And with good reason; I do sometimes wonder if the stories to 06 and Shadow would have been a bit easier to tolerate if the characters were full anthro instead of...well, 90's era platform mascot stuff. But there's a decently thick line between anthro as we know it, and making something as realistic as possible, for no other reason than because you can. And they Drop Dashed across that line anyway. Also, a friend of mine found some spiel from Richmond Lee where he goes into detail on why this design is as it is. It's worth reading, check it out; https://twitter.com/Richmond_Lee/status/1072912281401360384
    • I love this comment from Ohshima-san : He does not
    • That should have happened after 06. And Rise of Lyric. And Forces. It did not. Look, I wasn't expecting much from the film, I thought Sonic would look like Blue-Core!Sonic, but slightly worse. But THIS?! They didn't even get the shoes right. He's not wearing socks. It's actually 96.3% wrong. I can only hope and pray it looks better in motion. But it probably won't.
    • Originally I thought this was going into the territory of  "It's so bad it's good" Now and at this rate, I'm kinda hoping Sega pulls the film and cut their losses. Better yet, I'm hoping this will light a fire under SoJ, SoA, and Sonic team to make a game that's got the quality akin to Super Mario Odyssey and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild  and the fun of Mania, Generations, Unleashed, and the Adventure series   Could have done something like this with the design and you would have been alright.
    • http://www.tssznews.com/2018/12/11/former-current-sonic-team-members-react-to-sonics-movie-design/

      Their reactions are pretty interesting, kudos to the ones who can joke about this.

      I'm still gonna wait for the trailer, I mean look I'd never expect Sonic's noodle limbs to make it in live action. Simply put it that would never fly in theaters. Besides we all knew to expect a design change for the movie, although granted I didn't expect his shoes to be sans a belt buckle but they look cool. My only complain would have to be his head, it's way to big for his body, at least in that teaser poster. For a body with an actual build on proportions it does not look great with that head.

      From the outline I can tell they've kept the gloves, at least I think so. That and they might have given him blue arms, which I was curious if they were going to go with that.

      Fan reaction however, look I was expecting it to be crazy. It's just the way of things on that end. I don't expect much from the film to be honest, but with it's budget it should more than break even at least.
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