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      Looks like I won my war with the crazy neighbors. Thanks to some sleuthing, a drone, and some dedicated note taking, and bearacratic wrestling, The Judge Executive himself has stepped in and now the whole neighborhood is getting a major clean up. Everyone who let their place go is being forced to clean up, or face charges. The druggies are now buried under heaps of fines and the watchful eyes of Drug-task Force. My report also got a kid out of a very, very, dangerous home. I will give you a play by play update sometime. But I would rather say what I am doing art wise. I am doing a lot of painting and digital art currently - going to share some this week.
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      ALL IN might have been the best wrestling show I've ever seen.
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      @TheRedStranger asked me to let everyone know that it will be awhile before he can resume his prior level of engagement with the community here. Between academic pursuits and some issues with criminally psychotic neighbors violently opposed to his efforts to improve his local community, he's been pretty swamped lately.
      For those so inclined, we on the staff here would appreciate keeping him in your prayers. For those that aren't, feel free to send him a PM wishing him good luck. He's the mastermind and core founder of this site, and none of us would be using it without him.
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    • Can I just say that I actually liked Metal Overlord, okay it was bizarre sure when Heroes came out and he turned into it, but to be fair he had the "Life Data" (Be that DNA or something I don't know) of all the characters including Shadow and Chaos. I mean of course he was gonna turn into some sort of Chimera-like monstrosity, Shadow is part Alien (which was revealed later on) and Chaos is...whatever the heck the Chao are suppose to be. It was weird sure, but in it's own way it made some sort of sense I guess. At least I can say it was actually interesting and unique, because honestly if Metal had a Super Form in Heroes I think it would have later on been regarded as boring. If anything it sounds too much like something from Dragon Ball.

      In fact I've seen a few Neo Metal Sonic sprites back in the day, all of them had sprite shading for an optional Super Form. Not once in my time with web comics did I actually see it happen to my knowledge, because it would have been way too obvious. The writing of the comic isn't terrible...more like bland would be the right word. Because really when you have an official comic book use a concept not even fan comics from over ten years ago wouldn't do, I mean what else can you really say?
    • No that'd be cool, it's just I'd want more variety than just Zombies.
    • Even in a Resident Evil style, peppered with BOWs? No "everyone is dead."
    • I'd like a Call of Cthulhu-type of scenario or something along the lines of Alien and Event Horizon. Personally I'd prefer a psychological horror although the danger of physical death should of course also happen, via depending on the player you are up against. Finding out about some sort of horror out in space or on Earth hidden away would be really cool, that'd be my preference anyway. The only thing I ask is that we don't deal with Zombies, at least in the traditional sense or a setting like The Walking Dead. I just don't care much for a Post-Apocalypse Zombie Setting.

    • I mean he's not even Sally Acorn! How dare he, the philistine! XD See, this is kind of why I didn't want the IDW comics to just be the games but not. Why I would rather it had gone in its own direction from the very start. The connection to the games drag the comic down, rather than enhance it. Ironically, Sonic is probably one of the few franchises where not sticking to the source material makes for a better product. The issue is that comics rely on good stories, and Sonic games don't have stories anymore, moreso a particuarly agravating string of handwaves until the minimum runtime is reached. The characters are basic if not outright cardboard-flat, the stories are pointless bordering on maddening at times, and any potential it may have is quashed by paranoia, a need for control and Values Dissonence, as is the case with Japanese-published games. In other words, the story to the games are rubbish, and cannot translate into mediums where storytelling and characters take centre stage. Metal Sonic has become a go-to textbook-type character, like Shadow, Amy and Green Hill Zone. He's only really there because he has to be, because people (well, kids) recognse him. But because he and Shadow are just fanservice, just window dressing to wave in front of the audiance for cheap praise, they're given no time to develop and they feel less like characters and more like some suit's plaything. A collection of polygons and textures used pragmatically to bump up the Metacritic scores a few points. It's why I was so angry when they brought back Chaos for Forces, and did nothing with him. He might as well have not even been there. And, if you want to be pedantic, he wasn't. That's not to say the writing in IDW!Sonic is the worst, I actually think it's not that bad considering the circumstances. They even have good characters in Whisper and aspects of Tangle. And I do appreciate Metal taking centre stage, finally getting a proper super form and actually feeling in-character (moreso than Boom Shadow, at least). But ultimately the writing can't be "good"; not with the wretched source material it's stuck with, buried further in mandates. Mandates that they said wouldn't be there and that SEGA would take things "step-by-step". Yep, saw straight through that little lie. Because of this, of ALL this, IDW!Sonic just feels...empty. Uninspired. It's the same old stuff any Sonic story in any of the games would follow, just written slightly better. I can't even bring myself to be angry about it, as I saw all this coming the moment they made it clear it was game-inspired. There's nothing to the game stories, so there's just nothing to this. Why do people want the Freedom Fighters to return, to live in this...creative wasteland?
    • Well personally, I'm a little in the mood for something a bit more psychological. Existential. Macabre and otherwordly, like a warped version of Alcatraz in a pocket dimension that is basically Purgatory. Something a little dark and depressing. Just kind of the mindspace I've found myself in. I mean we COULD do a slasher movie type, but I dunno...not sure how that'd really work here. But ultimately, I guess it's up the majority here. So, what does everyone else prefer?
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