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      For all things IDW, Sonic X, OVA, Original Works, and other material from the SoJ continuity.

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      Where you can talk about the newest universe of the franchise: Sonic Boom

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      Gotta hoax, a hushed rumor, a crazed theory? Break out the tin-foil an' let's get conspiratorial..."Because Chaos Emeralds...."

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    1. The RPG Code of Conduct   (148 visits to this link)

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      A place for people looking to expand their range, and sharpen their chops at the Art of voice acting. Or, a place to find and audition for a fan-dub or any audio fan-work.

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      A place to post and discuss everything to do with audio; this is the place dedicated to learning, collaborating, and making music: artist-centric of course.

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      Animations deprived of blue hedgehogs.

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      From Avengers to Zero Dark Thirty - this is the place to discuss film's serious lack of Sally Acorn. :P

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      Music, Books, poetry, etc. They all go here

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      A bizarre cabal where you can speculate on all sorts of fictional conspiracies and gush about crazed fringe material (like those hot an' saucy Lost Episode and "Coma Theory" Creepy Pastas - spooky Alfredo not included).  

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    1. Freeform Thread

      The most general of general discussion threads! Say whatever, do whatever, anything goes! Well... except homicide maybe... XP (please keep to site rules) Let's see if we reach one thousand pages!

    2. The Crazspiracy Zone

      Have a crazed or creepy theory, or something you want to get off your chest? No sanity or sources needed!  illuminati reptiles see us all through the chemtail-magic of Harrp.. They plan to force us to only ship SonAmy in their new world order.

    3. The Adventure Thread

      Where you and your fellow scribes can swap tales of adventure. Show where you have been, where you live, and all the crazy things you have done throughout this world.

    4. Member Interviews

      If we see an outstanding member of the community, we'll sit down and talk with them so the others, perhaps newer people, can get a general idea of who's who around here.

    5. Breaking News...

      Shoot the breeze and be abreast about current events (disclaimer: heady debates will be moved to the Academy Section to keep constructive dialogue flowing.)

    6. Meet, Greet, and Go.

      Say hello if you are new, or be right back if you have to go.

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      Drop your torches and pitchforks! Don your tweed blazers with leather patches! Tonight we ride with Socrates!

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      Sometimes you need some formality to make a point - large and well sourced analyses and argumentative papers can be posted here. 

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    • Mike Arcade

      Happy 4th of July everyone!
      · 0 replies
    • TheRedStranger

      Happy Independence Day! God Bless America and God bless you Freedom Fighters! 
      · 2 replies
    • TheRedStranger

      Taking Summer classes right now. Looks like I am heading for an A in printmaking. I know how silk-screen now, drypoint, and do traditional wood and linocuts. Also did some digital work. Teacher is letting me double up for one semester so I can get a minor in it as well as a certificate in drawing/draftsmanship. 
      · 0 replies
    • jcbluejr01

      Damn... it's been WAY too long since I posted around here, and I'm not even sure if I'll be as active as I used to in the future, so I'll just lay down what's been going on in recent times.

      1: The Game.

      Progress of the game has seen a MAJOR uplift over the past year or so. The story's been changed around quite significantly. I have a basic outline of almost all the events I want to have in the game, and I'm set to rewriting the dialogue and synopsis from scratch once again, along with a few friends of mine helping me with co-writing the whole thing. During that time, I've also assembled an entire team of artists, programmers, and musicians, including myself, for us to make this game happen, thanks to my ever growing connections with people throughout the years. With the story mostly finalized, and a full team assembled, if I play my cards right, we may have an actual demo for X-Tra Dimension available around 2019 or so...

      2: My career paths...

      After heavily improving my composition skills over the course of a year and a half, I'm more or less wanting to take music as my career path in life, outside of the game. I've recently been starting to take commissions for original compositions for several people, such as Sr. Pelo and FTCR, among others. I feel that with the success I've been having with the music I make, I feel it'd be wise to take a career path towards that, as it's something I REALLY enjoy doing.

      That's basically all I've really got to share. Sorry about the lack of posts for a good year or so. So many things have changed for me since late-2017, so I hope you all understand.
      · 1 reply
    • Akessel92

      Just signed up for a curator job at fort Campbell I hope I get the job.  
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    • Welp, better go colonise the moon! There'll be no communism or political correctness there! Really...I just want to go to the moon. See houses on the moon. And then we blow each other up for...moon oil, I dunno. But I wanna go to the moon.
    • Recently President Donald Trump created by executive order, a sixth branch of the US Military, the Space Force. Despite poltical partisans quick to douse the idea in cynicism, many noted scientists, business men, and intellectuals have lauded the idea.    The military threat of rogue and authoritarian nations blanketing the expansion of Constiutional values, free markets, and free mindedness, through out the cosmos is very common and deeply prevalent.    So what are your thoughts? Do you think the Space Force is fiscally unwise? Perhaps is it a brilliant investment? Or could it be a necessary evil as humans impulse for war will inevitably reach the stars?  
    • And Forces. Have to make it tolerable somehow.  I can't see people hacking Chronicles; partly because it was slapped together and any attempt to modify it would probably set the DS on fire, and partly because no-one really cares about Chronicles beyond a select few. Honestly it'd be less work to Remake the game from scratch in RPG Maker or something. 
    • Not that I know of no, if there ever is a hack of it made I'd say one of the first things someone would do is replace that awful soundtrack. Most hacks are regarding the Genesis games, the Adventure titles, and Generations.
    • Honestly, it all depends on when in the story it was done. If done at the earliest, it would very well effect the ending of the game. I could see them being used to take advantage mostly after the game, going after Sonic when he and Station Square would be their weakest.  Beyond this its hard to tell, because the E-series was not really portrayed with narrative wherewithal. All but the dumbest of their number, float at the edge of the narrative with little actual interaction with the rest of the plot. They are a stove-piped phenomena in their own universe, intriguing obstacles for Gamma to shoot and very little more beyond the narrow confines of his line of gameplay.
    • The vocals need more effort. But it’s great to see synth and sax back together, truly the 80’s Star couple.
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