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      Rules and Guidelines.

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      Our very own City-Hall, laden with dusty archives and the echos of filibustering! Huzzah for democracy!

  2. The Imaginarium (Works in Progress).

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    2. The Scribes' Studio

      Where we hone & refine our creative vision and craftsmanship. All writing prompts, artistic exercises, and general collaborations are done here. This is the sacred place of self-improvement.

  3. Sonic Central

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    2. Planet Freedom

      For all things IDW, Sonic X, OVA, Original Works, and other material from the SoJ continuity.

    3. Bygone Island

      Where you can talk about the newest universe of the franchise: Sonic Boom

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    5. Sponsored Sonic Fan-Works

      If the Admins like your works, you can expect them to be moved here. This is the area where the works that we find that are cut above the rest.

    6. The S-Files...

      Gotta hoax, a hushed rumor, a crazed theory? Break out the tin-foil an' let's get conspiratorial..."Because Chaos Emeralds...."

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    2. Game Station

      This section is about video games, both the play and all the work behind it.

    3. Let's Plays and Video Based Video Game Content

      This is where you can post your "Let's Plays" and other video game based videos.

  5. The Knothole Theater

    1. The RPG Code of Conduct   (113 visits to this link)

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    3. Voice-Acting Booth

      A place for people looking to expand their range, and sharpen their chops at the Art of voice acting. Or, a place to find and audition for a fan-dub or any audio fan-work.

    4. Sound Studio/Auditorium

      A place to post and discuss everything to do with audio; this is the place dedicated to learning, collaborating, and making music: artist-centric of course.

  6. The Mobius Multiplex

    1. Non-Sonic Related Animation:

      Animations deprived of blue hedgehogs.

    2. Live-Action TV/Cinema Discussions

      From Avengers to Zero Dark Thirty - this is the place to discuss film's serious lack of Sally Acorn. :P

    3. Video Gaming Discussions

      The place to go to informally chat about other games/franchises such as our arch-nemesis Mario, Legend of Zelda, Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, etc.

    4. Media Miscellania

      Music, Books, poetry, etc. They all go here

    5. The Media Mania Zone!

      A bizarre cabal where you can speculate on all sorts of fictional conspiracies and gush about crazed fringe material (like those hot an' saucy Lost Episode and "Coma Theory" Creepy Pastas - spooky Alfredo not included).  

  7. General Discussion

    1. Freeform Thread

      The most general of general discussion threads! Say whatever, do whatever, anything goes! Well... except homicide maybe... XP (please keep to site rules) Let's see if we reach one thousand pages!

    2. The Crazspiracy Zone

      Have a crazed or creepy theory, or something you want to get off your chest? No sanity or sources needed!  illuminati reptiles see us all through the chemtail-magic of Harrp.. They plan to force us to only ship SonAmy in their new world order.

    3. The Adventure Thread

      Where you and your fellow scribes can swap tales of adventure. Show where you have been, where you live, and all the crazy things you have done throughout this world.

    4. Member Interviews

      If we see an outstanding member of the community, we'll sit down and talk with them so the others, perhaps newer people, can get a general idea of who's who around here.

    5. Breaking News...

      Shoot the breeze and be abreast about current events (disclaimer: heady debates will be moved to the Academy Section to keep constructive dialogue flowing.)

    6. Meet, Greet, and Go.

      Say hello if you are new, or be right back if you have to go.

  8. The Academy

    1. The Debate Forum

      Drop your torches and pitchforks! Don your tweed blazers with leather patches! Tonight we ride with Socrates!

    2. Essays

      Sometimes you need some formality to make a point - large and well sourced analyses and argumentative papers can be posted here. 

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    • Ishapar

      Snowball fight, anyone?
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    • Wulfsbane

      The things I have learned working at Coca-Cola.

      1. There's more than 1 flavor of Fanta. There's 5. They all have more sugar than Coca-Cola Classic.
      2. Combining Seltzer Water, Ginger Ale, and the one Club Soda flavor, there's 13 flavors of Canada Dry. I lied there' 15 (2 new ones coming soon)
      3. If the guy working at the machine on the previous shift says it's running fine, you have 30 minutes until it breaks down for some odd reason.
      4. Moxie uses the Julian Code on the cans/bottles. Why? I don't know. And yes Moxie still exists.
      5.Do NOT drink the Dasani off of the line.
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    • Polkadi

      Tangle looks cool.
      And new villains, Rough and Tumble? Neeeat.
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      Happy Birthday Daddler! “Beware Romulans bearing gifts...”
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      Woo birthday woo
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    • this is a drawing I made on valentines that I'm proud of though it's poorly drawn. 
    • Do it, we would like to see it.   Keep posting dude, you have some good stuff and good insight in the other topics.
    • Wrestling is Silly, part 3
    • Well that was not what you were originally positing. But I can tell you that sadly the Mexican government is very corrupt, historically always has been,  and will take the path of least resistance. Building “the wall” secures our boarders and quarantines the problem as well as stops guns and money flowing back into Mexico to the Cartels. Go look up the Fast And Furious Scandal. Obama was too busy giving guns out to them...it’s time to starve this issue out and force the Fedralise a la mesa diplomatica.
    • Then why not work with the Mexican government to get rid of these cartels? Help them with an issue that they clearly either can't or won't attend to, if it's hurting the US as well.
    • 1) Hadrian’s Wall worked when it was garrisoned. It only failed when Rome failed to protect its generally unmanned borders and was actually taken down by its outsourced military it failed to pay to protect those borders. The wall in Jerusalem works as well. So does the DMZ in North Korea. To squeeze out the few exceptions is to apply exceptions to general truths, which I am sure is something you do not do in real life at all. If so you would never even go outside because there is a 1% chance you could get mugged or hit by a bus. Why be so selective with your behaviors given your thinking? I sense cognitive dissonance...You would never be and do anything in life if it was all based on scant exceptions.  2) Special Forces could not even scale the Wall part. And “the wall” is really a advanced security schema. The Wall is just a term for a advanced security system filled with patrols, sensors, and even more additional barricades to create survailled bottlenecks.   3) You made the Argumentum ad Populam Fallacy. Truth isn’t based in present fashion. Only stereotypical shelter valley girls with 1.5 GPAs in Berkeley could believe that, let alone implement such as their epistemological methodology for life and learning.  4) I loved ones have lost family to a Mexican Cartel called the Detroit Gang. The Mexican government does not do anything. To quote my legal immigrant friend Alberto, “The Federalise are in the pockets of the cartels anyways, at least one tenth...” You are proposing we be the same way, and consent to deaths like those close to my family. They were brutally beaten to death and literally left to rot. You suppose nothing should be done to protect against this, because it’s the “current year?” Let’s streamline the process to get in here, build a wall, and start filtering the productive from the profrain like several other successful countries like Canada and Japan.  http://www.richmondregister.com/news/local_news/one-year-later-double-murder-remains-unsolved/article_eb9a4ee4-1a13-11e5-b0c0-efb5804b179c.html 5) You are basically proposing declaring war in a sovereign nation and perhaps even killing innocent Mexican people committing a very wrong discretion to our country yet have not engaged in direct violence. This is a geopolitical nightmare in a still very nuclear world... Occams Razor begs we take this route first and foremost. I would also recommend heavy tariffs and sanctions on Mexico. At worst we should blockade their ports if they do not stop trading the resources of these drugs with China for example where most of the stuff comes from. Don’t fight the cult that summoned the vampire, lock them all in the same room and make them take care of the problem or have it eventually starve.  6. Think of people like my clients and brother Perry...If we have tons of resources drained by illegal immigrants, drug addiction, and non-citizens creeping into welfare (maybe even voting booths) all the while taking up slave labor to undercut fair wages, then what will that do to taxable income and public resources? Their are poor “white privlage” people in America like in Appalachia and disabled people that need help, and not doing something about the situation takes away limited resources from those helpless people to try and enable someone else’s problem. It’s like giving my autistic brother’s Medicare-funded seizure meds to a theif so he can snort them as a Downer.
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