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      So my portfolio has been reviewed...I got accepted into the BFA program, for both concentrations.
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      Happy Birthday @SonicSatamX93! Hope you're having a good one.
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      Happy Birthday X93!
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    • TheRedStranger

      Looks like I won my war with the crazy neighbors. Thanks to some sleuthing, a drone, and some dedicated note taking, and bearacratic wrestling, The Judge Executive himself has stepped in and now the whole neighborhood is getting a major clean up. Everyone who let their place go is being forced to clean up, or face charges. The druggies are now buried under heaps of fines and the watchful eyes of Drug-task Force. My report also got a kid out of a very, very, dangerous home. I will give you a play by play update sometime. But I would rather say what I am doing art wise. I am doing a lot of painting and digital art currently - going to share some this week.
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      ALL IN might have been the best wrestling show I've ever seen.
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    • https://science.howstuffworks.com/innovation/science-questions/would-sonic-hedgehog-be-able-to-survive-own-speed.htm
    • Well it took me a month to answer that, but...no. They DO sell stuff like welsh cakes, doughnuts, stuff from chocolate fountains, tons of beer and even a noodle bar. A quite pricey noodle bar...but a very tasty one. Honestly, the first half of the fall in this part of the country is always fun. You have the fair in September, Halloween in October, the carnival and Bonfire Night in November and then it's straight onto Christmas the following month. Breathes some life into such a small, grey town. One that used to be well-renowned as a port for boats - you can still see some of the broken remains of the supports jutting out of the riverbank mud. Perhaps I'll take some pictures and show you one day.
    • First you should figure out if an Anti- or Evil Twin Sonic is even needed for the main story.  As I recall, Evil Sonic made his debut in an early issue (back before they created a stable canon timeline), where Sonic accidentally runs too fast that he ends up in an opposite manifestation of Mobius.  Messing with alternate realities can be a quagmire for a writer to wade through, so I would recommend most fan writers to not even consider messing with an alternate universe or other worlds unless they have already answered many necessary questions pertaining to the structure of the alternate reality and the impact it has on the main canon story.  Evil Sonic is only appropiate if the alternate Mobius exists; otherwise, it's just an awkward evil twin story that's probably going to weigh the story down.  You should then figure out if Evil Sonic should be similar to the Archie counterpart and become "Scourge"with his enhanced powers, or if Evil Sonic should have a more direct persona that counters Sonic's.  Remember that Scourge did start off as basically an evil twin of Sonic that lives in an altered version of Mobius (a type where Robotnik is seen to be a vetinarian).  Also realize that the writer should address why Anti-Sonic is an evil version of Sonic.  Is it because the alternate reality affects him that he must be the contrast to regular Sonic, or does he actually choose to behave wickedly for his own pleasure?  If Anti-Sonic isn't bound by the negative affects of the alternate reality, then I believe the main plot dealing with Anti-Sonic should be his moral conflict with the regular Sonic.  Anti-Sonic would have the same persona and attributes as regular Sonic but he chooses to use them for his own selfish means.  Basically, Anti-Sonic could bring tension to regular Sonic because he is what Sonic could choose to be and could always end up making choices that would mirror Anti-Sonic's and cause collateral damage to his friends and loved ones.
    • Turns out Stan was working on one final superhero before he passed. Someone called Dirtman (yeah, I know - sounds like an off color pun given the situation).  https://news.sky.com/story/stan-lee-was-working-on-final-superhero-dirt-man-with-daughter-before-his-death-11554021 I thank Lee for his service for this country and then the service that followed for our culture. He gave us his blood, sweat, and then ink. It’s amazing to be a man who fights for his country; it’s outstanding to see that same man come from war to build up his country. That is the zenith of patriotism; not to merely break down obstacles but to build promise. He is a great example for modern veterans. Despite the horrors of war, you can turn your sword into a plowshare. 
    • The European Union and the dominant political leaders of two of the major countries within such as in particular Germany’s soon to be retiring chancellor Angela Merkel and current president of France Emmanuel Macron have recently called and ramped up the creation of a European Army. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/13/world/europe/merkel-macron-european-army.html the creation of such an Army has been criticized by both American politicians such as President Donald Trump who would rather they build their own sovereign armies and maintain old Alliances such as NATO on their end where the US has provided more than its fair share. Though many EU leaders state that this army is for NATO, other European politicians such as UK MEP, Nigel Farage, see the European Army as a tool to crack down on dissenting member states and populations due to challenges against EU authority such as the 2008 debt crisis in Greece, the ongoing 2015 migrant crisis, Brexit waged by a disgruntled UK, among many other nations such as Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, and Italy along with many euro-sceptic conservative populist parties throughout many member nations.    Dissent towards both the way European governments have handled the mass influx migrants from the Islamic world and inability of maintaining equality under the law has led to people taking the law into their own hands. In Britain, vigilante mobs have begun to pop up in cities like Birmingham due to British police inability to crack down on Islamic rape and grooming gangs and other violence waged by Pakistani, Afghani, and other people’s from the Islamic world such as Rotherham or Telford and other towns and cities.  https://metro.co.uk/2018/11/14/nearly-400-join-vigilante-mob-after-losing-trust-in-local-police-8138033/?ito=social?ito=cbshare In Germany, the country’s own 200 members of its military special forces known as the KSK had planned a plot to assassinate members of Merkel’s party, other left wing political leadership and extreminate migrants. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6374085/Secret-plot-200-elite-neo-Nazi-soldiers-German-SAS-slaughter-politicians.html  These two articles show the breakdown and failure to deal with the migrant crisis and the result of draconian hate speech laws and policing which has silenced dissent. Some French politicians have made the solution to maintaining a dual legal system one based on western legal values and one sharia compliant one in order to maintain social cohesion. However even some politicians in France have stated that a civil war will happen. https://voiceofeurope.com/2018/10/far-left-minister-admits-a-civil-war-could-be-near-in-france-as-he-fears-the-future/  Macron and Merkel welcome a changing France, Germany and Europe but fail to see the consequences and the cost to the people that voted them in office and would rather grand stand  their aspirations to a federation of Europe with a divided or no culture and history at all. 
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