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    • Ishapar

      Finally got Mania this week...past cool!
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    • TheRedStranger

      Saint Thomas : “Jesus is dead.” 
      Jesus Phases through a door. 
      “APRIL FOOLS!”
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    • Mike Arcade

      Well I've finally moved out of my old apartment and into my new one, living out on my own for the first time ever.

      I can't thank @TheRedStranger enough for all his help and those of my friends, they are true family to me as are all of you here on Free Scribes.
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    • Ishapar

      Snowball fight, anyone?
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    • Wulfsbane

      The things I have learned working at Coca-Cola.

      1. There's more than 1 flavor of Fanta. There's 5. They all have more sugar than Coca-Cola Classic.
      2. Combining Seltzer Water, Ginger Ale, and the one Club Soda flavor, there's 13 flavors of Canada Dry. I lied there' 15 (2 new ones coming soon)
      3. If the guy working at the machine on the previous shift says it's running fine, you have 30 minutes until it breaks down for some odd reason.
      4. Moxie uses the Julian Code on the cans/bottles. Why? I don't know. And yes Moxie still exists.
      5.Do NOT drink the Dasani off of the line.
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    • Alexia shook off the snow that was gently powdered on her as the bombardment ceased. She waited for a few moments to see if there were breaks in the wind so she could see if Karen was still calling out to her.
    • [Kalen - TheRedStranger) A strange mimic of Paulie blared into Kalen’s ear, causing him to flinch and bear his teeth.  "PAL! I-Is she alright? is my pup....is my daughter safe?" Ms. Pastiore voice faltered from pan iced thunder to a furtive whisper . "What can you tell me...whose after us?” Kalen dry-swallowed and gathered his nerves to bluff. "We have not confirmed the group in question. But we are certain they are correlated with the strain of disappearances you have certainly have heard about in the local news here in the capital.” He softened his professional tone, allowing himself an unvarnished plea. “Mrs Pastioré, we have reason to believe, given the disappearance of Timothy Greenwell, that your family is also being targeted.” "Oh, oh gosh..." the mother suppressed a sob as she collected herself. "W-why would they want us? Is it something my husband did, w-we really don't have that much..." “That is what concerns us. We do not have enough information to speculate why.  But we do know their pattern here in the capital.” Kalen kept his voice deadpan, largely to sound professional, yet mainly to keep Paulie’s mother at ease. He needed to simulate control over the situation as well as show the gravity of it. This bluff was the best, not just for her but anyone who might be listening in... “Authorities have not received any ransoms, or any evidence of the location and condition of kidnapped persons. Yet they are veterans, relatives of veterans, or troubled individuals such as the homeless. We cannot assure your safety, unless you listen to my orders to the letter - can you do that?”

      "Y-yes, yes I can I just need to get out of work, what would you need me to afterwards?" 
    • I've mentioned this before, but I am baffled as to why SEGA doesn't capitalise on the love of other characters by making toys and the like based on them. It's a common joke that Sonic characters are only added to the franchise to sell more toys of more characters. Clearly, those that tell the sort of joke don't understand the Sonic merch scenario at-hand and that a lot of us are praying for characters other than Sonic, Tails and Knuckles (maybe Amy if you're lucky and Shadow if you're REALLY lucky). As the old saying goes, there is no Perfect Pasta Sauce. Only Perfect Pasta Sauces. Perhaps SEGA just sees too much risk in making toys of other characters? I mean guess that makes sense, seeing as people see most of the characters other than Sonic to be of lacking use (in the games, at least), even though one could argue that was SEGA's fault in some ways but I'm not going into that now. So making toys of characters people might not like is a bit of a risk, and considering SEGA takes to risk like a Levantine Assassin takes to a swimming pool it's not surprising that characters based on others like Shade, Chip or other forms of Metal just don't exist outside of fan projects. They should at least attempt it, though. Like, imagine if they had a system in place where you could send in images of your OC and they make a plush toy out of it. Imagine just how lucrative of a business that would be.
    • https://shop.sega.com/collections/sonic-the-hedgehog

      So for those who want Sonic and Sega merch here's the site for it, at least probably regarding the US. Not bad really I mean I like some of the clothing options being pretty cool. On a side note I'd want the stuff for Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, and Shinobi I'm surprised there's merch and shirts for them, I want them all. I'll say this regarding their Toys, I've heard they aren't great even though Takara Tomy does them. I mean I've heard they're quite low grade which begs the question, why? I mean really Sonic could be quite marketable using not just the core cast of the games or Boom. Heck years ago in the 90s Bandai did some really cool stuff with Megaman, X, and Legends Models you can piece together. I don't know why something like that hasn't been done yet for Sonic, granted the whole cast isn't comprised of robots but with the Avatar of Forces now established I'd say now the time is right for something that nutty. You could like combine parts to make monstrosities. Heck having the Badniks and other Robots and Creatures would be even better, I'd personally love to collect an E-Series Series set with a few customs or see what they could do with Badniks and Metal Sonic.

      I mean look Sega really needs to get someone regarding their marketing and merch department to get some really good stuff rolling, especially if they could get stuff outside of the games like the Freedom Fighters and other Show and Comic Characters. Seriously if they could untie that snafu with them and royalties n' such everyone could hit a possible goldmine like TMNT did back in the day if they reestablish things just right. I mean from a business standpoint that just seems obvious as there IS a market out there, don't say there isn't either I've seen models of SHMUP ships for sale and made, really if such a niche genre in gaming can get toy models you can build I think Sonic can too.
    • [Kalen - TheRedStranger] Paulie slowly nodded as she took a breath "Right, you're right." The doberman handed Kalen the phone as she gripped his free hand tighter "I can't lose them both, I want her to see what the three of us could be like...I'm...I can't be this selfish anymore." “I’m what?” Kalen whispered as he rubbed a thumb over her clasped hand. “Sorry? Good. Hurts as bad basic training on the inside, but being sorry gets you to better places. Trust me...I know, I got a big family, one that’s getting bigger so it seems...” He winked at her reassuringly, then steeled himself with a purposeful frown as he cleared his throat. “Third call of the day - hope it’s a charmer...” He pressed phone close to the side of his face. “Misses Pastioré? My name is not important. This call is being traced. I represent the PAL Program...you are in danger...”

      [Alex - Wulfsbane]

      The frozen tundra suddenly alight as a bombardment crashes upon the fields, the noise deafening as you could have sworn you heard the Husky call your name. It almost seems as if the strikes would never end, yet as soon as it starts the explosions cease as there is nothing but only the sound of the arctic wind.

      --- Note: [PAL= Protections of Arkon Loyalists program.] 
    • Oh trust me, I wish I could burn all of these wretched statues and replace them with actual craftmanship.
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