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    • TheRedStranger

      I am working on a 36x36 painting for Summer School of The Judgement Hall scene in Undertale, in a mix of styles of Edvard Munch and Jaque Louis David. Have tons of art stuff to show you guys soon.
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    • Mike Arcade

      Happy 4th of July everyone!
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    • TheRedStranger

      Happy Independence Day! God Bless America and God bless you Freedom Fighters! 
      · 2 replies
    • TheRedStranger

      Taking Summer classes right now. Looks like I am heading for an A in printmaking. I know how silk-screen now, drypoint, and do traditional wood and linocuts. Also did some digital work. Teacher is letting me double up for one semester so I can get a minor in it as well as a certificate in drawing/draftsmanship. 
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    • jcbluejr01

      Damn... it's been WAY too long since I posted around here, and I'm not even sure if I'll be as active as I used to in the future, so I'll just lay down what's been going on in recent times.

      1: The Game.

      Progress of the game has seen a MAJOR uplift over the past year or so. The story's been changed around quite significantly. I have a basic outline of almost all the events I want to have in the game, and I'm set to rewriting the dialogue and synopsis from scratch once again, along with a few friends of mine helping me with co-writing the whole thing. During that time, I've also assembled an entire team of artists, programmers, and musicians, including myself, for us to make this game happen, thanks to my ever growing connections with people throughout the years. With the story mostly finalized, and a full team assembled, if I play my cards right, we may have an actual demo for X-Tra Dimension available around 2019 or so...

      2: My career paths...

      After heavily improving my composition skills over the course of a year and a half, I'm more or less wanting to take music as my career path in life, outside of the game. I've recently been starting to take commissions for original compositions for several people, such as Sr. Pelo and FTCR, among others. I feel that with the success I've been having with the music I make, I feel it'd be wise to take a career path towards that, as it's something I REALLY enjoy doing.

      That's basically all I've really got to share. Sorry about the lack of posts for a good year or so. So many things have changed for me since late-2017, so I hope you all understand.
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    • Please pardon the double-post, but this was in my LinkedIn feed today & it's a good presentation about cybercrime Brett Johnson TEDx Talk
    • Here's my opinion on this topic and game: I think Sonic Forces should have been a mix of Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Dynasty Warriors and Star Wars Battlefront 2(The 2005 one) For starters, instead of just getting to ally with Sonic and his friends to save the world from Eggman, I say make it so your character can join 3 different factions: Team Sonic, the Eggman Empire and even G.U.N if they wish, allying with any of them and even possibly defecting from one to join another. Maybe even have it so your character can have the choice to help none of the above and try to save the planet themselves vigilante style or even possibly take it over as a villain if they choose to. That to me would give the game alot more replayabilty to say the least. As for the plot, I'd rewrite it to where Infinite took over the world after stealing the Phantom Ruby from Eggman and used its power to throw the world into chaos, causing destruction and mayhem for not only Sonic's group, but Eggman's and G.U.N's too. And now all 3 of them are trying to fight back and restore the mess Infinite has made. THAT would actually make Sonic's line about cleaning up the planet at the end of the game alot more meaningful in comparison The avatar character creation mode should have been alot more detailed and expanded, using more species to choose from, even possibly getting to choose to play as a human, a cyborg, whether human or Mobian or even a full on robot like Omega. That and have alot more weapons and skills to pick from to actually make your character feel unique since while alot of the attacks were interesting, they basically were all the same in a sense. They all did the same amount of damage. The only difference is how they attacked. I think what they should have been was the weapon you choose starts off weak, but gets stronger as you fight with it and gain experience on top of rings as a currency used to upgrade it. That way, it actually feels like your character gets development during the campaign, going from a so-so rookie to a hardcore warrior and when you finally defeat Infinite and whoever else you choose to oppose, your journey feels all the more satisfying. There was no satisfaction how your avatar character saved the day because it was painfully contrived how they helped. Not to mention Sonic pretty much steals your character's thunder once he returns, so what was the point of having an OC character to begin with? -.- As for the combat system, I'd go with a mix of Dynasty Warriors and Star Wars Battlefront 2, where you fight on a huge map, having your character defeat enemies in its path. Like Dynasty Warriors, you will siege enemy bases and take them over and once you do take all the bases or destroy the enemy units on the map completely, you win and that territory is yours to do with as you please, using it to upgrade your arsenal and even customize to your liking as the guy in this video said. Like Star Wars Battlefront 2, have a bit of a ranking system where you start off getting assistance from soldiers of the same rank as you and once you earn enough points or complete certain objectives, you can unlock assistance from more of the iconic cast, like Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Amy, Knuckles, Rouge, etc. That way you earn the right to get the help of the more powerful characters of the series instead of it being handed to you. Also, like Battlefront 2, I'd even have vehicles on certain maps that you could use or steal from enemy troops, but to keep them balanced, I'd make it so you'd have to have an engineer skill to utilize them properly to compensate for the fact they'd be a bit OP like the ones in Battlefront 2. Lastly, I'd use a hub world system similar to Dragon Ball Xenoverse's, one where it's a huge area to roam around in, talk to comrades, form friendships and your personal team of Freedom Fighters, test your skills against them in friendly sparring matches, buy items to use in a later battle, even upgrading your skills and weapons when earning enough rings to do so to get stronger. Heck, I'd even throw in a local and online battle system like Xenoverse's where two avatar character could spar against each other to sharpen their skills and gain experience points to become stronger. And as an added bonus, once you beat the game, you can unlock the official cast to play as in future battles for even more replayability. To me, this is my idea of the perfect Sonic Forces game, one where you actually feel like you're fighting for the rights of the planet in all out battle royale. Yea, I know making a game of this caliber would be a massive undertaking, but you know, I believe a game like this could be done if SEGA cared enough to try. But yea, let's be honest. THEY DON'T, and I highly doubt they ever will either.  
    • " Scott Wallace, a liberal millionaire candidate running for Congress in Pennsylvania..." " Wallace, grandson of a former vice president who’s running as a Democrat in Pennsylvania's 1st Congressional District against Republican incumbent Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick..." Those 2 statements explained a lot He's definitely an out-of-touch butt >.<
    • Ben Schwartz Has Been Cast As Sonic The Hedgehog source
    • Probably another year of Ian's horrible doing-too-much-at-once world building, more open ended Sally/Nicole stuff which has become unpopular sans for a small group of fans, and a bunch of other odd decisions that would probably not make a lot of sense.   Honestly after reading the first 6 issues of IDW, while it's still not a good as it can be, I think the breath of fresh air is helping.
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