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    • New Look at Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2
    • Nice to have the first cover of the first issue! Welcome back Yardley.
    • Found this tonight, regarding Jay Axer's work from Archie Sonic regarding how he got into the comic with some sketches and concept art.
    • Though I think we can clearly see such social problems in California (as with the videos given), I think such talk in a public forum does not make a good argument, much like when liberals scream racist. As an admin, I must warn of such approaches, especially because this alienates the people you wish to either subvert or convert and is overall not conducive to edifying dialogue. I would rather give facts like I have given than Ad Homenum attacks. I personally only publicly sling an insult when I know the people I am talking too are intractable and on stage for me to convince for the sake of persuading the more reasonable masses (much like Jesus with the pharisees) . I would advise you to not take up the language of Andrew Ryan but the voice reason like a Dave Rubin, Apostle Paul, Milton Friedman, or a Thomas Sowell. "A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.The tongue of the wise useth knowledge aright: but the mouth of fools poureth out foolishness." - 15:1-2.
    • I really do wish to see people better represented, but rhetorical bombast does not always help negotiation. You can only do that if you have an actual bargaining chip. I think "New California" really needs its own political process, given its uniquely urban issues like the real-estate bubble. Sadly I feel they would have opportunity to do the right thing but squander it with their wretched political philosophy.  I think the source Alex gave is a bit wonky as Bytor has shown, but we all agree that there is severe misrepresentation. For example Bytor's home state is split badly via the I-5 corridor and Christian/Libertarian North Idaho is very fiscally and socially different than Mormon/Centrist Boise. What will probably deflate this deal however is this basically one-party state wants to leech rural areas with failed social black-hole style programs like this. Much like the Boise Romany-esque Rhinos tax the desired state of Lincoln, Sacramento feeds off the rest of California. California is indeed ungovernable due to the Hyeckian knowledge problem. It's too big for one monopolized force to manage without massive incompetence and corruption. But that giant won't let go of its grip, because of survival. What will decentralize areas like this could be a form social evolution rather than revolution. Such I dare say is inevitable, as with all governments too big for their britches. The giant's tight grip will be chewed into and it will eventually just bleed out unless things change. Currently though there are social realities that make this deal more shaky on the grounds that is will lead to more representation of rural areas without any need of secession. Fundamentally Puerto Rico does not have the full rights of statehood which makes statehood much more a pressing issue given especially their time of need, yet California has other options on the table that meets the woes of this socially bifurcated state suffering from artificial and arbitrary boundaries.  An even better system would be this:  
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