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    • I'll tell you what it is, it's Nintendo-Brand arrogance. You know that. When Nintendo does some so very stupid and consumer-unfriendly and just expects everyone to march along in lockstep because "we nintendo we made mairo and kerb everyone loves us". That's Gamefreak's problem, too. So many games, so many good reviews, a dedicated fanbase, so much chaosdamm M O N E Y made via Pockymen, they think they can do whatever and people will love it. Not anymore, sunshine.
    • Sad, but true. Who gets to define "hate speech" for that purpose? As for You Tube, things could get even worse. There is a proposed bill that changes the age of kids affected from 13 and under to 16 and under. If that bill passes, there will be even more content being marked as made for kids. Charmx recently discussed how his channel was affected by COPPA:  
    • This is what I said to Mike the other night: Okay so here's the thing about it. I like the concept of the expansion pass for Pokemon because the last several "3rd versions" have been, to be honest, not worth it. The idea that we can just continue the current journey with the additions in an expansion pass would be better than dropping an extra $40-60. Here's the problem though. Armor and Crown absolutely look like they should have been in the base game to begin with, especially Crown as it looks like the post game content the game was lacking since the start. Armor looks like the Battle Tower or Area you stumble upon as you travel the region, try it once and realize this is meant for later on and go back later. The idea behind Crown does look rather interesting but I can't get over the name of Mustard. Seriously, freaking Mustard? And I thought Hop was bad. Crown, as I said, should have been a part of the base game as the endgame content. 200+ Pokemon are back, but they're quasi-locked behind a paywall. Yeah, sure they can be transferred from Home or traded with someone who has the pass. That's horse^%&t. You're telling me that Pokemon that have been available from the start or able to be available from the start of each region are locked for those who don't want to pay $30 or hope that someone has the capability to trade them to you. Absolutely should not be the case, at all. The 200+ should be made available to everyone or not at all. The fact they're being added in all shows that GameFreak had an issue with the transporter system and they had to redo most of them. But that being said, they're trying to pass this off as "we heard you and therefore we are bringing pokemon back in... pay us first." This whole expansion pass thing for SwSh absolutely sounds like what EA would do in the past before they got absolutely blasted for the "Sense of Pride and Accomplishment" comment they mad on reddit 2 years ago. Since then EA smartened up and offered free content updates to nearly all their games. GF should have done the same for the Pokemon that were cut. No ifs ands or buts. This shouldn't be how it's done. The pass shown reeks of cut content that they could have included in thge base game. An Expansion pass content should be something like Emerald's Battle Frontier or a half sized region based in Ireland or something like that. The concept is good and what was shown looks cool, but GameFreak, as usual, is going about it wrong. Yeah basically this. Masuda is absolutely terrible at conveying the thoughts he has for the games. There's been leaks about how troubled development was and they're passing it off as "everything is fine" while the studio is on fire. Also it's $30 for both apparently so $15 per game, which is good.   Nah I like the idea of the different versions of the Legendary birbs. It's like the regional variants, it's the same pokemon but adapted to the region better
    • I feel if they explained themselves a bit more honestly when this whole thing kicked off, people wouldn't have been so angry about it. A lot of people are accusing GF of paywalling when it comes to Pokemon. It technically isn't, as you can trade for them without the DLC. But the way they've gone bout it, yeah, I don't blame people for jumping to such a conclusion. $30 does seem a bit steep but the concept is neat...it's now how it all rolls out on release day, that's the major bit. Also, am I the only one who finds Regional Variant Legendaries to be...weird? Like, shouldn't that not be possible?
    • I'm split on this. I like the concept of doing the expansion over the 3rd version... yet Armor/Crown look like they should have been a part of the base game.
    • You mentioned me twice. XD
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