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    • Teen Titans GO, Sonic Boom, and now this...with this move, Cartoon Network solidifies itself as an uncaring machine. A cold, heartless hive mind of a company that takes old memories and twists them into mangled nightmares. Why? Not for parody, not for Deconstruction, but so they can sell more toys, waste more plastic, make more money. It's shocking what kids TV has become these days, and that even isn't getting into the show itself. It is U G L Y. Its being written by some Penders-esque berk with a man bun. It's stealing art style fragments from Steven Universe because of course it is. I expect the action figures to be announced next Thursday.  Honestly, though. ONLY Cartoon Network would look at the universal hatred aimed at Teen Titans GO and think..."we should do it again!" presumably before trying to hump the stacks of cash they made from toy sales. You see, this is why I despise any show that used to be mature but then barks that it'll be made for The Kids. It's the issue that Modern Sonic has run into; it's an invitation to laziness. Cynical natures. Tons of cheap, fragile, lead-soaked toys. The excuse of The Kids, with the "justification" that they'll watch anything, is what leads to show like Boom and Roar. The weakest, cheapest, ugliest, most condescending and insulting s**t that talks down to their target audience and rots their brains with a glorified half hour advertisement. No pathos, no character, no plot worth following. It's just memes and fart jokes. That's what these suits are raising our children on. It's disgusting. 
    • I am deeply sorry, friend. I do not intended to upset, but make a point with impactful rhetoric.  I fear you have lost my words in translation. That was comical hyperbole, laughable metaphor to express my extreme disgust for such artists. It’s American humor. It is funny the same way imaging a janitor, a professional who cleans, slinging mud around would be: it’s both an extreme and an obvious untrue opposite, a reversal of expectations. I obviously would never sacrifice anyone to Chuthulu. But I sure would love to see real musicianship once again, rather than predatory puppet-artists bandied about by corporate shills, capitalizing on adolescent youth with blatant over-sexuality. It also sets up an expectation that women are objects of sexuality an over exaggerates pleasure one can gain through excess and promiscuity.   As for the actual literal and actual subtextual content such “musicians” push, I cannot ethically abide in them. They promote the dissolution of both aural aesthetic, musician ship (too much auto-tune and overproduction), and are absent of any substantial moralizing content. The dollar sign in “Ke$ha’s” name says it all: shallow materialism. And I know a lot of people who followed the pop-philosophy of “Die Young.” Went to see one of their graves today actually for Memorial Day. A love one that partied herself into her grave...  The world needs less of this. Note these are my opinions alone, I demand no one to take them as their own. I believe I can back them up well however and have viable motivation to believe as I do. I won’t say music like that causes one to be become a fiend, but certainly it is a form of artistic junk-food and can be correlated with some societal dissolution. I would not want my kids listening to it, if I had them, especially a little girl. Your opinions are your own. And you have the right to enjoy what you wish. As for me I will stick with music that takes actual skill and has a edifying message. For example your own Martin Luther’s gorgeous hymn: This is music truly worth listening too. 
    • @TheRedStranger

      Thank you very much for the compliment. Sure, you can do a Top 10.
      I wasn't sure how to sort my Top 10, so I thought about to make a Top 5.
      Most of the bands which I like to listen to, changes from time to time, but there are indeed a few bands which I will always love like the ones from my Top 5 list.

      @ByTor, Prince of Ro’den

      Thanks for the list.
      I will check them out. EDIT: Okay: I already knew Soundgarden before.
      I think, Black Hole Sun was the only song I knew before.
      Rusty Cage sounds really nice musically, but I have to take a look on the lyrics soon.
      Subdivisions from Rush seems to be a song against bullying respectively against superficial society.
    • Please don't write something like that, TheRedStranger. Especially as a Christian. I love Kesha and Fergi.
    • Agreed. Most animated shows these days have a disturbing lack of depth, or even likeable characters for that matter - even Looney Tunes had likeable characters The decline of the quality of the shows on Cartoon Network led me to drop the channel when cable rates went up last year. "disappointing trend" indeed; I will NOT be watching this bastardization of a series I loved - not even on You Tube :p. BTW, I also believe "cultural appropriation" is not a thing & would like to smack some sense into the people who think it is.
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